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    That is really sad, I hope that maybe hearing this will cause others to wisen up and stay off of the tracks...:(
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    Yes it is illegal, There are signs all along the tracks. Federal Property - Trespassing Prohibited.
    There are still people that think they are immortal. You know: "It won't happen to me, I'm too cool."
    Unfortunatly it happens. My friend & I knew as soon as they (Acela) started to run, there would be deaths. The trains move too fast, and Way Too Quiet. This is the second time, back in the Spring, I think, there was a man killed south of Phila.
    The main reason?? Convience. All "Roads" are limited access, BUT, if there are woods on both sides of the tracks, and you live on one side, and the stores you want to get to are on the other side..... Then Why would you want to walk a quarter Mile to the grade crossing, then back. When crossing the tracks cuts the journey down to 50 Yards??????
    There are about 20 such places, that even I myself have used in the past. Also there are about 6 more that school age children use Every Day.
    Yes the Police, (Both local & Amtrak) have patrolled, But 2 - 4th graders were recently killed by a "Local". You can't be there every day, all day long, at every crossing.
    The Only Way is to educate everyone you can, "Operation Lifesaver" comes to mind......

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