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  1. I read somewhere that Bachmann have released a double ended Acela engine.

    Can anyone provide further details

  2. SteamerFan

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    been out for several years now, good set, runs great, can be powered by either rails or overhead. the set comes with the 2 loco's (1 powered, 1 dummy), 1 coach, 1 diner and 1 business car. you can also by the 2 loco's (always together, never alone) and the cars seperatly, as well as get additional cars for the consist.

    they do require 22" curves, don't even attempt to run them on anything less, they WILL derail on 18" curves.
  3. ross31r

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    i think he means the HHP8, not the actual Acela Express consist
  4. ross31r

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    they are serial numbers 83003 to 83005 - three number options
  5. It was the HHP8, thanks I've now found it and got it on order


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