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  1. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    I would like to ask you all a favor.

    Look left, look right, is anyone looking? No?

    QUICKLY drop your Machismo, and your x-acto, (check again to see that nobody is looking) and pick up the tiny scissors!

    I feel like a Grandmother Librarian when I use them...glasses slipping down the nose...tongue at 10:00...

    BUT, I don't know if you noticed, I like them tiny, how the hell do you think I cut my parts so accurately??? I consider myself a Pro with an x-acto or scalpel. I was even ashamed to try scissors (suggested by my Wife). But when I made my first cut, I was not only impressed...but HOOKED...
    and my 30+ year-life-long-friend the x-acto was all but forgotten. I still use my knife,but mostly for inside diameter cuts.

    To this day I still check to see if anyone is looking when I pick up the shears. But the proof is in the pudding...Please give it a try. :grin:
  2. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    I have 2 pairs of scissors in my "tool kit". A large pair of titanium coated scissors, and a teeny pair that I think came home with me the last time I got stiches. I just have a problem doing iside suts with either pair, as my poor eyes just aren't that accurate anymore.

    But I agree, having a pair (or two) of scissors definitely helps reduce the stress of making accurate cuts
  3. 46rob

    46rob Member

    I've tried using scissors of various sizes and types--but I find that I don't get the control I can get with a knife. Also--old and arthritic fingers don't like scissors too much. But--I think it's more about whatever comes naturaly to your hand-eye coordination. I've been cutting out parts with an exacto since the early fifties and that classic #1 handle feels more natural in my hand than anything else.
  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Hey Phil, how about a pic of the ones you are using? There are lots of small scissors out there....
  5. BARX2

    BARX2 Member

    I'll bet I have eight pairs of scissors of different sizes and shapes on my bench. I use them on every model. I've made a couple using only scissors - Fiddler's Green models come to mind, because the cut lines are so wide. It's much easier for me to cut curves with scissors than with the knife. I also look like granny when using the scissors. I wear a pair of magnifying (reading) glasses over my regular glasses when doing close work. :roll:
  6. cjwalas

    cjwalas Member

    Phil, I'm with you on this one. Since my arm won't let me hold a knife very well for a while, I've been forced to use only scissors. Managed this one with the only good pair of small scissors I've got;
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  7. The-Jazzman

    The-Jazzman Member

    What's a x-acto?

    I have used the same pair of sewing scissors for the last 20 years and some 2000 + paper & card-stock models..
  8. papertrain

    papertrain Member

    Phil....thank you for starting this thread........actually i never thought to try sissors,,,,,,,duhhhh....sometimes i feel like a donut has more brains8) . i am sure that now i will have round wheels
  9. smyfe

    smyfe Member

    Phil, after reading a lot of your posts I got myself a pair of Fiskars scissors from e-bay. I figured if all you experts here use scissors so well, there had to be something in it. They are great as you can use the very tips to get into very tight spaces or the whole length for long straight cuts. I now use them about 10 times more than my knife, with a lot less hassle.:) :) :)
    P.S. they are superb for cutting curves and circles.:twisted:
  10. romfolmar

    romfolmar New Member

    :wink: OK I confess I like small scissors also.
  11. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    Oh, I guess I should show the valentines that I made for kids. I wanted to do something that kids can imitate. So the cards are simple pop-up done quickly with scissors and a hole punch.

    With a knife I'd end up making lots of staight lines instead of freehanding curves. And a seven year old kid isn't allowed to use a knife.

    When I was in third grade I got into cutting snowflakes and found that I like manicure scissors with the blade turned away from the cut.
    Then I started making cardmodels and used the manicure scissors again. I find snowflakes, lace valentines and the like are too mechanical looking when cut with a knife.

    Err, now I feel really girlie posting pink valintines among all the airplanes and tanks.

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  12. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    I have added a pic of my scissors on the first post, forgive my scanner, it is dirty.

    WOW!!! Thank you everyone! I was hoping this would be accepted...especially by you Manly-Men-Warrior-Type! LOL

    Very nice to hear from you too Lizzie, I love those papercuts you did!

    The size of handle does not matter as much as the length of the cutting surface. Mine are about 7/8" or 22mm.
    The longer handle is good for trimming, while the stubby can cut the period from the end of this sentence.
    (note: my screen resolution is usually 800 X 600)
  13. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    Let's hear it for scissors! I have five pair--1 large curved, 1 small curved (nail scissors), 1 straight (Fiskars) for cutting heavy care (0.5mm and thicker), and one surgical steel scissors for light card, and 1 that looks like a hemostat (long handles, short 3-cm blades set at an angle from the handles) for inside cuts.

    I use the scissors about as much as I use my hobby knives. I have the scissors professionally sharpened about 3 times a year (probably not often enough).

  14. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

  15. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Knives? I never use knives, only scissors :D
  16. 72BMWR75/5

    72BMWR75/5 Member

    I love my sissors

    I got a 3 pack of little embroidary sissors and I love them. One pair has curved blades and I use them for cutting curved pieces. Hold the sissors so the curve of the blade is opposite the curve of the piece you are cutting.
  17. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

  18. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    I have one of these! I use it to thread mental floss from one ear to the other.

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  19. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Certain honorable members

    Ha. ha.
  20. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    Manicure scissors are excellent for cutting curves and small parts. Though the finger grips are quite small and can become uncomfortable is used for any length of time. But they are great for the right purpose.

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