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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by XavierJ123, Feb 20, 2005.

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    I put my first Accurail hopper kit together last night, actually it was a kit of three hoppers. Instruction # 4 advised me to install my choice of couplers that were supplied in the boxes. Apparently, there are three different types of couplers. I couldn't decide which one so I just winged it and said, "eany,meany,mindie,moe." Two style couplers had the plastic spring and the other did not so I first choose the one with the plastic spring,however it doesn't seem to be a very good coupler.Then I experimented and assembled another coupler using two plastic pieces with springs. It looked prototype but what do I know. Then there is a third coupler that I didn't bother to use. Sorry I can't send pics so you could all have a good laugh but I am not that computer literate yet. These couplers mate with Bachmann couplers on an old train set. Perhaps ya'll can shed some light on this subject as the picture in the instructions leaves something to be desired when you don't know what you are looking at. By the way, is there a thread on Kadee couplers that I could read?
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    Thanks Roger. Talk about helpful. That site was great. Thanks again. I'm tired and it's too late to play with the couplers tonight. The brain is willing but the body is not. LOL I ran the train today and it does okay 99% of the time. On rare occasions, a coupler will disengage. I share your opinion about Accurail couplers. They won't couple just by backing up one car against another like the rest of the consist. I have to take a cocktail spear and push them together.
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    We replaced all our couplers with Kadee # 5 couplers. They are metal and high quality, spring loaded. They seem to provide a tight connection between the units. Very easy to switch out both the locos as well as the rolling stock.

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