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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by SSRR, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. SSRR

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    I'm looking to add an accessory board onboard my switcher (large scale) to allow me to uncouple the couplers. I need a momentary current sent to the servo while I'm pushing a function button. I don't want to have to push the button twice to uncouple. What it looks like I would need is a switch stationary decoder. None of the onboard accessory decoders appear to have a momentary latch.. That is to say, you push a button once to turn it on, and once to turn it off. Can I put a stationary decoder in my loco, assign it the same id as the loco decoder then set the function keys that I want rear and front uncoupling with?

    I'm fairly new to DCC, and I know this is more of an advanced function, but I really really want it.. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?


  2. Harold Cole

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    You can put a stationary decoder in if you have the room,and depending what you have in "G" scale you should have plenty of room.As for adding a decoder to do this function for the latching feature, not sure what you mean.Most decoders have aux functions that stay on when you hit the function or just go on when you hit the button and when you let up the function is off.

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