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    The AC6000CW (C60AC) is the most powerful diesel locomotive ever built by GE. 311 were built for three railroads.

    It can be distinguished from the AC4400CW by the large radiator overhang at the rear. Most but not all have steerable trucks. The overhang GE demonstrator; note hi-ad trucks GE demonstrator; note hi-ad trucks UP CSX bright future; note hi-ad trucks CSX bright future; note Dofasco trucks CSX bright future with yellow letters BHP Iron Ore (Australia) BHP Billiton (Australia)

    There is no ES-series counterpart.
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    Most AC6000CWs actually have 4400 horsepower engines instead of the 6000 promised by GE. Originally, they were built with 6000 hp prime movers but it was plagued with problems. GE told the railroads that they will put in a 4400 hp prime mover and when they fix the problems with the 6000 hp prime mover, the railroads could ship them back to GE and they would swap out the prime mover. Some railroads, CSX for example, said "forget it" and kept the AC6000CWs with the 4400 hp prime mover.
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    Partially incorrect.

    The C6044AC, as so named by UP was an early order of the AC6000CW prior to the release of the 6000 hp prime mover. The were designed, similar to the EMD SD90/43MAC, in that they were to be converted to the 6000hp prime mover once it was released. Turns out the conversion was not as simple as it was thought, as all the electronics varied (same goes for the SD90). UP's C6044AC's stayed 4400hp, and all delivered C60AC's are staying 6000hp.

    As for CSX, apparently they find it to be more viable to run 4400hp then keep a few random 6000hp units, so they are in the process of converting them to 4400hp units (or at least this is what I have been told).

    However, it is imperative to note, the 6000hp GE prime mover is no where near as ridiculed as the EMD H series 6000hp prime mover. All SD90MAC-H (6000 H series PM equipped) units on the UP are either stored, scrapped, being scrapped, or returned to lessor. Same goes for SD90MAC-H II's. SD9043MAC's have stayed, where are basically SD70MAC's internally.

    Oddly, I've not heard anything "bad" about the 5000hp PM in the SD80MAC!
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    Also, to note, the spotting difference between a C6044AC & C60AC would be the exhaust. The 6000hp equipped units have two exhaust stacks, where as the 4400hp equipped units have one Dash 9/AC44 style exhaust.
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    :razz: Whow, that's confusing? Interesting though. :razz:
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    makes you wonder why more railroads didnt go with the sd80mac?
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    I think that has allot to do with EMD "replacing" it all too quickly, before railroads decided 5000+ hp road units were viable.
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    that makes good sense. still the sd80 macs are awsome looking locomotives, especially in the conrail paint scheme.
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    As far as I know Conrail was the only RR. to have 80 MAC's. I remember reading that they needed power fast and could not wait for the 90 MAC's to be ready for production. So GM through a 5k horse prime mover in a pre production version to keep CR happy.

    I am really not a fan of modern power I seam to tend the 1940's but when railpower products came out with a 90 MAC frame and shell I couldn't resist a leap into the 1990's and bash one.

    :mrgreen:This one has 2 Stewart motors with 2 flywheels and is ballasted down to almost 2 poundsjawdrop(an awful lot for a HO loco). It pulls like a beast with a North west short lines re gear kit(geared down for extra torque).

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    Odd, I was always told the 80 died before the 90 came about. Looks like it did not! It died due to the 90, and 70mac's plus the death of Conrail.

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