Abutements & Concrete color ?

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by alex_mrrkb, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. alex_mrrkb

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    Hi !!

    I'm trying to build abutements for my N scale bridges (Atlas plate girder) and I have a couple of questions:

    1- What material should I use to make them ? I'd like to use plaster but I was unable to cast it in the shape that I'd like (a simple rectangle) the shape is never straight or regular. Any tpis ? I've resolved to do them in styrofoam (the blue one) by just coutting them out of a block with a sharp x-acto knife... Looking for suggestions ...

    2- Color ? The abutements are made of concrete, but I can't figure out any ways to make them look like concrete. I'm just back from the hobby shop and bought woodland scenics concrete color (was looking for floquil aged concrete but they dont carry floquil) and I am *VERY* disapointed ... the color is very far from the concrete I know... it looks like sand, it's tan rather than the light gray I was expecting ... I'm now turning towards my acrylics where I think I'll be able to mix something better. Any suggestions here ?

    Thanks !!!
  2. kettlestack

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    Try smearing a thin coat of plaster onto your foam cutout. Before the plaster sets lightly press odd planking into it (very lightly). This will give the effect of the timber moulds used in poured concrete structures.

    As to colour, I've found that a thin wash of the ubiquitous "Indian ink / water mix" will give a convincing concrete colour.

  3. alex_mrrkb

    alex_mrrkb Member

    Just a tiny correction: After the woodland scenics concrete color starts to dry, the blue color of the blue foam starts to show through and give a better look. It's not quite it, but seems better. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

    Thanks !
  4. t. alexander

    t. alexander Member

    Have you thought of using styrene to make the abuntment's? It is very easy to work with and when painted makes convicing concrete.
    I depend ALOT on pastel chalk to highlight and alter the paint color.

  5. n-scaler-dude

    n-scaler-dude Member

    Since I'm only in the "idea" part of this hobby right now (haven't done much hands-on work), I've also thought about this:

    can acrylic colors be added to the plaster mix? I did something similar by adding a small amount of black acrylic to white spackle, resulting in a grey finish.

    Maybe something similar can be done with plaster and then applied to the styrofoam?

    How about balsa wood instead of styrofoam, maybe the plaster or spackle will ahere to it easier?
  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Do not use Floquil on the foam unless you test it first. Floquil will do nasty things to plastics. Use one of the polly paints.
    Try painting the foam with a thick white undercoat of some latex before the concrete colour.
  7. Railery

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    For painting scenery i go to the crafts store or a drafting store and purchase tubes of liquid latex pigment and dry pigment powder paint. Most of the time i use geso as a base or u can add the pigment to a can of latex paint. The nice thing about this paint it never dries up or hardens.:D

    i saw your layout. just paint the blue styrofoam with geso. Then u can paint over it.

    Geso is used by artists for their canvases or to paint back drops. :)

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