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    60103, that's another good idea for me to consider. What I thought I might do, say I pull a waybill sending a stock car to the stock yard, I would also pull a waybill sending a reefer to the ice house. After one turn(like you suggested) then the waybill would send the reefer to the slaughter house. Not sure yet. Any ideas are always welcome. Thanks for the idea.

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    Why would you need a waybill for a yard move? In my 9 1/2 years as a brakeman we never needed a waybill for a yard move..Yard moves are govern by switch lists and not waybills and ice houses was always located in or by the yard.
  3. Nomad

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    Brakie, my icehouse is on the other side of the layout, close to the stockyard/slaughterhouse.

  4. brakie

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    As I mention ice house was usually owned by the railroad and the reason they was located in or the yard is because:
    Through reefer trains would need to be re-iced en route.
    Reefers could be stored until needed then iced.
    The ice house was at a very convenient location for switching.

    You see meats,produce,fish and other freight that needed to be kept cold was a time sensitive commodity and loaded reefer trains was a high priority freight train and was second only to first class passenger trains.
  5. Nomad

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    Brakie, what you say about the ice house being in the yard makes sense. That's where it origanaly was, but I moved it to make room for a roundhouse. Gotta rethink this whole idea. Thanks for the info.

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    I was surprised to learn that my railroad, which is a true transcontinal, only had about 12 Icing stations cross country. In all likelyhood your cars would have been pre-iced before arriving at your slaughterhouse, probably at the location where the cars were 'cleaned out' at a major yard prior to billing to your slaughterhouse. If the ice house and the slaughterhouse should be in the same town I'd suggest some way to justify the icehouse's existance. That is dozens of reefers should be iced there and distributed to other facilities offline and only a portion of your cars being destined for the ice house. It's my understanding that a properly iced car can last up to 36 hours in exteme heat without re-icing.

    To recap, I'd make the cars go to the icehouse with other cars for icing, then I'd have the cars go back to the yard to be switched out and brought back to the slaughterhouse later. Sound redundant?
    That's modelling a railroad.

    For your example I'd have a 4 sided waybill. once to the icehouse once to the industry once to the yard, and off to wherever....

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