About to lay yard - what do you think?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by dhutch, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Muddy Creek

    Muddy Creek Member

    There does come a time when you have to say enough designing and start building. Looks like you got some good advice here and massaged your plan into a workable yard that you seem happy with.

    This thread might go on forever with everyone expressing their personal preferences, wyes over turntables, double switches vs not, but endless planning is not what the hobby is about. It seems like you've done your homework, sought & considered changes, made some, and while doing more homework may ultimately result in the ideal yard, it may also result in just more endless planning.

    If you're happy with it, then it's time to make this more than an acedemic exercise & start making tracks.

  2. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Like i said daniel, its best to do what works for you.
    I do think that not ballasting and leaving the option open to rework for awhile is a good idea.

    Now, as to that i like to lay track and wire.
    Me and you buddy, we gotta talk.
    So, how do you feel about laying track and wiring up a 2 way helix???
    Then there is this 9' long yard with 18 classification tracks and a second hidden staging area yet to complete.
    I'll even feed you :D
  3. dhutch

    dhutch Member

    And fly me out from the uk? :thumb:
    - Anyway, im busy with exams till after june!

    Back to topic, thanks guys, i'll defonatly do the double slip (i'll give it a a good test before i lay anymore around it, just to be safe) also, i thought thats what a "wye" was, thanks, but im not sure they where ever much used in the Uk, certainly full lenght ones (we dont really have the space)

    - Muddy, i agree, but i just though i'd see what people where sayed (for the sencond time):sleeping:
    - Also tileguy, i do track wiring atm, just point motors (and TTables soon) i have a small DCC system that sorts out my track (including the reversing loop)

    - I think it time to get the jigsaw out and fitt the TTable, and the track to and around it :thumb:

  4. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Have you read the article on attaching a Walthers turtable to the atlas indexed turntable for great looks with better operation??
    Walthers Pit TT looks great but isnt indexed.
    Atlas has an indexed TT but its flat and pretty ugly.combined however you get the bst of both worlds.
    Its been discussd in here before and the link is here somewhere,try searching.I used to have the link but i seem to have misplaced it ;)
  5. dhutch

    dhutch Member

    no i havnt.
    - How does the atlas table work?
    - got a link to some pics?

  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Daniel: There is a wye, but a 2 track one, at the eastern end of the Circle line in London. (The one track on it extends out to Tilbury or somesuch) It's used to turn one train a day in order to even up wheel wear.
    There was also a wye with station platforms on all three legs somewhere. This was a meeting of three routes.
    But you dan't really have to worry about this.
  7. dhutch

    dhutch Member

    But as i sayed, there hardly common place, one of the tube, and one where three lines meat, not many!
    - Non in yards, and non in the ex-GWR reagion
  8. dhutch

    dhutch Member

    Anyway, hopfully i'll get some track layed soon!
  9. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Daniel, i found the link finally but its a dead one.I believe i printed it out at one time but where i put it is a good question and it may require hiring employees to find seeing as I am such a Pack Rat ;)
    I'll keep my eye out for it and scan it if i do come across it.
    It sure was a great way to have an indexed turntable that looked good at an excellant price.I remember buying the parts for it less the plywood and it was only around 5-6 bucks for bolts washers nuts etc.
    I changed my plan before i got it built.Hey, maybe its in the turntable boxes??? I'll look :)
  10. littlebuddha

    littlebuddha New Member

    rail printout

    Hi im a new member and not done much so go easy and don't shoot me yet, Might be a daft ques to some but how did you get printouts of the rail parts, if i could this i would be a happy bunny help with layout. Im in the UK and will be useing Peco rail mainly flexi and the size area i have is around 30" x 78 not sure as to what scene or setting as yet. Have to do some furniture shuffle first kiss the wife and pinch a few more inches but knowing how to get paper trak curves straights and such would be most usfull hope one can help and thanks in advace and will photo all i do cheers all, i have spent the last few nights reading deap into the gauge and have seen some very nice work, dam good site.
  11. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Are you looking for full size plans of points and crossings? You can get a set from Peco by sending the little paper labels that come on a yard of track. I think it says where.
    Or you could make photocopies, making sure that the photocopier/scanner glass is well protected.
  12. littlebuddha

    littlebuddha New Member

    no brain

    Hi thanks for the info, no thought on phto copier thanks for the info.
    N gauge and full size
  13. dhutch

    dhutch Member


    As 60103 says, you can get full sized plans from Peco, there are about 20p and you get a double sided A3 sheet with all the points etc on. No stright track.

    However what i did was just stick the points that i have on the scanner bed and scan them into the PC, along with a load of stright track as well.
    - Then i just printed it all out as/when i needed it.
    - For the big swepping curves i just cut/stuck 300mm lenghts of stright track.

  14. littlebuddha

    littlebuddha New Member

    Happy guy thread done

    Hi guys thanks for the input i am all set up to go, i have got the pecco paperwork from my local supplier now, but i dropped onto the peco site and saved all there pics of there track and as there was a rule along side the pic i was able to size and print of, i copied and paste sever of the same part together as to print of. cut loads out so now can plan my track. will get back and show my plans when done, work comes first though cheers guys happy trains.

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