ABC Warrior, Where can i find?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Bad_Scorpion, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Bad_Scorpion

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    Looking for the ABC Warrior from Judge Dredd movie. Any plastic model diagram scans or schematics or 3d model or an actual paper/card model. Anyone seen or know where i can find any of these.

    Here is a reference shot for you.

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  2. cjd

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    I've just looked through my easily accesible 2000ad books with no success. I'll try the rest of my collection when I can get to it (stored). I'd love to see any models to do with Dredd or 2000ad.

  3. Bad_Scorpion

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    I've seen on some of the 3d modeling forums others have designed this model but, everybody I've seen that posted they where doing it can't seem to be contacted anymore. And, no one seems to know where to find them or there models. Besides even if I found a model and used it I would still have to check with the designer fro proper permissions anyway. But thought maybe someone had seen or heard of someone making a card/paper model of this already. Besides if I do this one I want to do it fairly detailed like the T2 T800 model I bought some time ago. Still haven't built it yet. Here is a pic of it

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    I had started to see if I could come up with something like it but only got as far as the head and part of the neck. But, still haven't gotten back to it to build what I made. Looks good as a 3d model though just not sure if too much to be made as a card/paper model. I wanted to do the whole body to make available to everyone for free. Since the original kit doesn't seem to be available anymore. I like the head figures of lots of different things That way I can make them full scale and have a copy of what I like. Have done Iron man's helmet, will need to be redone not very good but it's a good start, Predator mask from the first movie. Looks good just got to print and build it, Robocops head but to low poly needs serious upgrade. Got couple of other things but with them had enough reference material to work with. But all of them still wips until I get some other more pressing ones taken care of. Like prime and my GT90, and not sure where I'm going to play next. Have lots of wips to finish and may just ask the community what they want. I know I've got some Halo, Robotech/Macross, and Transformer fans out there that wouldn't mind some of these that I'm working with. We shall see though. The cyclone bike I was working with keeps hitting roadblocks got some issue with my software causing issues reopening work that I've saved so may just have to ask someone else to correct the parts in the 3d model I need to have done and send me the file after. Not sure if that will even let me open it up then. already deinstalle dnad reinstalle dthe software and not getting anywhere which is part of why everything is taking so long.

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  5. Amazyah

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    Definately threw me for a loop!
    Bad_Scorpion is the one who asked for pics and I posted them in the wrong thread!:cry:

    At least the info is out there and the posts are linked together.:roll:

  6. Bad_Scorpion

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    Didn't know it was also know but different name. This may help.

    Had to add thi slittle update found an airly nice ABC Warrior or Hammerstain or whatever else it maybe refered to as. Found on Turbosquid while browsing. It's done fairly nicely in that the over all shape is there and some nice deatail work for the hoses line whatever else make him up. But, it looks like it could still use some mor detail I'm trying to get with the original author now and find out what he will be comfortable with me doing to/with it. As I'm not sure how he/her will feel about it. I've gotten a few negative feedback items from some authors of other designs for other possible projects. So with those instead of using there model to rip apart or add onto I've gotten them to agree to allow me get reference shots to be able to get and overall form view and then will work from there. I could have just downloaded there models and gone from there but I'm honest and trying to make something available to everyone that wont get pulled offline due to someone claiming copyright infringment. I don't want it to turn out like the veritech models or the starwars models that used to be easily available that now you have to look behing the site so to speak to find what you want. I jump through several links to get to the correct page. But, will give an update once I know what is going on and actually the links that where posted that lead to the plastic model kit actually where usefull. And if all else fails I already found someone with the same kit that is willing to sell it to me or trade with me for one of my other items I have. So it will work out in the end.

    By the way I am still working on the other projects this is all research for some other works. I'll probably get to later or if someone really wants the info I find and is willing to do the model themselves then I'll gladly pass the info along. Just an FYI for everbody that may be expecting this to be done soon. Unfortunately it wont be by me. Too many other things working on right now.
  7. BazookaJo

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    Hey Red Scorpion you sound like a man with some seriously cool projects on the drawing board.

    Seriously looking forward to them :)

    The ABC Warrior would be darn cool too, what with ED-209 and that bad boy all scalable to whatever size you desire it would be a great year I reckon :twisted:
  8. Bad_Scorpion

    Bad_Scorpion Member

    I'm Hoping to be able to get to the abc warrior sometime mid year and hopefully put out to available status a month or less after. But we shall see. May end up having to rearrange a few things since I just got bombarded with ford mustang models by some old friends on a seldom used 3d site. I think I now have enough material for almost ever major year model of ford mustang. But for sure for the 60's series. And these are high on my want to do list but not so much on the priority of what I need to do. As I need to try and finish some others that are started but need some refinments and some of them major refinments. But that's on other posts I've put up. By the way some of them the textures are horrible as I don't like messing with textures to much more just the shape and detail work. I let other's that have more focus on projects take care of most of my texture work or give me ideas that I usually stick with.
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  10. Rebostar

    Rebostar I do try

    Ummm (shuffles feet), that was me guys.
    I hate to admit it but I didn't carry on with the project, well i did, just not in paper form.

    I take my hat off to papermodel designers, if I had carried on I would have been bald!.
    I really hope someone else picks this subject up as I would love to build it.

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