A7v "herkules" Build thread

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by paperpanzer, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. paperpanzer

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    Thank you for the compliment

    The colour scheme was inspired by two colour plates in a Russian tank reference book. I should try to buy the Hundleby, Maxwell & Rainer Strasheim book on the A7v, there are apparently loads of color schemes described in that book.

    NULLMOON Member

    there were so few a7v,s built they make a great subject as a model there much more indidual than other tanks
  3. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    When I first decided to start designing card models I thought I'd try the A7v as it looked quite an easy model to start with. That was three years ago! and I'm still no way near finished.

    But because each one was practically hand built with two different guns, two different types of armor, different hinges... not to mention the camouflage looks like it changed on a daily basis you could make 30 - 40 models depicting the tanks at different times and different battles.
  4. Soaring

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    Hmm, What part took you the longest? Reference gathering, Modeling, or texturing?
  5. paperpanzer

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    Modeling took the longest by far. I use Rhino 3D but I've had to learn how to use it from scratch.

    There must be about 1600+ bolts/rivets and it took me 6 months to do - until I learned how to project them onto a surface instead. As a comparison the forthcoming Ehrhardt has about 900 rivets and that took 4 days :eek:

    You live and learn
  6. paperpanzer

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  7. DHL

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    great build:thumb:
  8. paperpanzer

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    Thank you

    This is the 5th A7v in a row so i've had bit of practice.
  9. charliec

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    Ever thought about doing the A7V "Mephisto" - the only surviving A7V - the cartoon on Mephisto's hull looks pretty good.


  10. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    Mephisto is on the list, I've attached a picture of the the 3D model with the "devil" on it.

    Only thing is I'm a bit A7v'd out at the minute so I'm going to finish "wotan" which should be ready by the end of the week an then do just one more coloured version "Nixe" with internal supports as suggested by NOBI before moving on to the Whippet for a couple of models and coming back to the A7v later.

    Its so sad to think that Mephisto is the last of its kind, Hagen and Schnuck both came back to the UK but all thats left is Schnuck's gun and NixieII went to the US only to rust away. But then not even "Mother" was safe from the scrap man.. At least Mephisto looks to be in safe hands.

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  11. DHL

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    yeah it looks pretty good:cool:
  12. paperpanzer

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    One of my beta testers turenkarn builds my models a lot better I can :confused:.

    Models I build for website photos are all "out of the box" builds so that people can see what they will be buying. I've attached a photo from turenkarn you might recognize the background.

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