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    Well in all likelyhood this will get a few laughs, but after years of being into trains ive decided to look into model railroading. Ive been searching the net looking at all kinds of different layouts from the very simple to things i couldnt dream of. But heres my question, on pictures of just the track layouts on say a plain oval track, what is the pourpose of the single pieces of track that just jut off into the middle and stop? Sorry if that is a stupid question but if you dont ask you'll never know right? Anyway thanks in advance for anyone that can clear this up for me. I look forward to reading deeply into these forums and really getting involved in this awesome hobby.
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    As in real life, spurs (the track that just juts into the middle and simply ends) are built to serve industries. You can model industrial scenes at the end of that spur. Lumber mill, warehouse, wrecking yard, cement plant, grain elevators, etc. etc.

    This also forms the basis for operating a layout-- You have to figure out how to shunt a freight car on your train to/from that particular industry.

    Hope this helps.
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    They are called spurs and used for many purposes in real life railroading. Parking spare rolling stock (boxcars, flatcars, etc...), pulling into an industry to load/unload, backing an engine into the repair shop at the rail yard, and other stuff I can't think of now because it's late. Usually there will be a bumper or blockade at the end to keep the train from going off the track but if a train is moving too fast, it won't do much good.

    Edit: L.I.T beat me to it.

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