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    Although a bit larger than what you might see at a simple team track, Walthers' Cornerstone series offers a nifty Open Air Transload Building (933-2918). You could probably just use the ramps for a single track siding and repurpose the main building and place it somewhere else; the complete facility can serve two tracks.
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    Here is a picture of my scratchbuilt ( styrene + barbecue sticks ) N scale teamtrack loading ramp.
    DoctorWayne had a very good idea when he started that thread.


  3. Charlie,
    Thanks for the sample. Was this located in Ohio? I'm going to do a diorama of a team track for photographing my weathered rolling stock.
  4. Would it be inappropriate to place a bridge that has a shoot attached to the bottom so hoppers can unload into trucks below as a part of the team track area? I’ve seen this in a old copy of Railroad Model Craftsman and I know they have one in VA till not so long ago. I’ve got an idea for a diorama of a team track I want to build for photographing my rolling stock but I want to have more than just a tack and dock. I was thinking a more later developed team track would be a nice diorama.
    Any thought?
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    I think I have seen that article...! I would say it is no inappropriate, as long as it is not on the main line ;)

    Many unloading facilities look like trestles more than bridges, but as they say, there's a prototype for everything! :D Go for it - be sure to post pictures :thumb:

    The other thing to consider at team tracks is the conveyors that can be slid under the hopper doors to lift the coal, gravel or whatever into a waiting truck like the ones in this pic:


    (Thanks doctorwayne!)


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