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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by brakie, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. railohio

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    Says who? (Other than Larry.)

    The ultimate in space-saving is to omit the industry entirely. After all, you'll switch it the same with or without a building adjacent. Put the spurs parallel to the edge of the layout. Instead of modeling a building flat calling it a building not!
  2. Squidbait

    Squidbait Recovering ALCO-holic

    Well, since it's Larry's layout, and he clearly stated his desire to include these structures, I'd say his say carries more weight than yours. :p Nyah! :p :p :D
  3. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    While I created a "Godzilla" with the elevator it must stay has it has become one of my favorites besides I like those Intermountain CSX 4650 3 bay covered hoppers.:eek:

    I thought about using it on my industrial park modules at the club it dawn on to me it would look like a old shoe in a new shoe store.After all the industrial park consist of more modern industries such as a plastic manufacturer(gotta use those Atlas plastic hoppers somewhere),a distribution center etc.

    Where to place "Godzilla" is another question..One thought is move it to the bottom right side.

    As far as the second track..My thoughts is...

    If I added that track first thing you know I would build my old door layout I had in the 80s while nice,it would not be the same as it was back then for several reasons..
  4. Squidbait

    Squidbait Recovering ALCO-holic


    Not sure what you mean here? Can you point out where you need extra space?

    I used mostly #6's on the plan, but there are #4's on some of the industrial spurs and in the yard:

    1 | Atlas 2565 20 Degree Crossing
    3 | Atlas 2700 Remote Std #4 LH Switch
    5 | Atlas 2701 Remote Std #4 RH Switch
    6 | Atlas 2704 Remote #6 LH Switch
    5 | Atlas 2705 Remote #6 RH Switch
    0 | 620" N Flex Track (21 pieces)

  5. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Squid,That would be the bottom right side where the left and then the right switch..I don't think there is much room between the branch line track and first industrial track off the right hand switch.

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