A Trip to the CTA Jamboree

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by interurban, Jul 25, 2004.

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    H Folks, this just in (Hot of the press :D )
    So I think it`s time to give Chicago Transit a plug .
    The have a LOT of History.
    Enjoy , from my friend Greg.

    Hey Y'all!

    Thought you'd enjoy seeing some of the pics I took today at the Jamboree at Skokie Shops, which was a combination of the bus and rail roadeos. Of course, the highlight of the day were the trips by our venerable 1922 era L cars, #4271-72. It's always nice to see them out. (I only rode three thrips!!! LOL)

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    Now for some real intresting stuff :D :thumb: to my eye anyway :p
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    Did anyone get to this??
  4. CN1

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    Great pics :thumb:

    Thanks Chris :wave: :wave:
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    I thought it was a meet for interurban's. So what are the kids doin' playin' games? You had some nice pics. ;)
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    very nice pics :thumb: :thumb:

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