a tip for the ship stem (étrave in french)

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    here a small trick to contribute to the realization of the stems of ships: the part of stem often comprises curves in three dimensions, even a bulb.you built this part with a standard cardboard, use as much adhesive than you want, you can lightly sand after glue-stiff the card, use adhesive tape, etc... Then print the finishing part on a paper as fine as possible, cut out and apply a light film of adhesive uhu (that goes better with new stick), then to apply to the hull using a clean rag. The thin paper lighly wet with the glue fit very good the complex curves. if the paperboards and papers are goods chosen, the trick is invisible, to carry out a test initially to check the colors. I found this trick by chance, after a problem of construction on my Arizona, I had printed the parts of stems with a bad adjustment of the printers colors, and I had nothing any more but my sheets of study, printed on standard paper.

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    étrave de navire

    Pouvez vous réexpliquer cette méthode en français, elle me paraît si belle que je n'ose y croire!

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