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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- International' started by triman, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. triman

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  2. interurban

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    HI Triman , would have like to have seen it but it wont let me in "no suitable server found " was all I got. Shame:(
  3. triman

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  4. interurban

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    Hi Triman, I got a picture or two but no video, it must be an Aussi only site:( :(
    When I download the video I get an error message 37:( s*%#*t:mad:

    Never mind.:(
  5. TerryR

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    The message board software is inserting a line break tag in the middle of that link which mungs it up completely.

    I managed to see the video by going to the site and selecting it from there.
  6. Woodie

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    ooooooh. :) The Overland. :) I've got one of those, but only 8 cars long. :(:(
    I can't get the video either. (Realplayer .rm file), just the first few frames and half the screen in red and green stipes anway. Don't think I've got a fast enough download. :(
  7. boppa

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    each break that link has %20 for every carrage return(enter)-it works if you copy paste and take out every %20 in it
  8. Bob Collins

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    Watched a great hour long program on the telly this afternoon about Aussie steam. Was mainly on the Sydney to Melbourne run where it showed a pair of Pacifics and a pair of Hudsons running on parallel tracks. One set of track was standard gauge and the other set five foot.

    Some other footage too, but the parallel run was the most intereting. Even showed the Spencer Street Station in Melbourne and the XPT like I rode on from Melbourne to Sydney when I was there in May.


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