a "Red Rocks Railroad" mine bldg.,,,,,,Almost

Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by Randy May, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Randy May

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    Here's my take scratch building the "Red Rocks Railroad" mine building.,I've yet to do the 1st story area,(the lower area ),but the upper area is pretty much done accept for roofing the back sides,and the stain and weatherization overall.Its footprint will be about 8"x22" at its widest points.[​IMG]I went with shake roofing on the wing sections,and metal on the taller middle section.(my railroad is depicting the southwest area coastal mtns. of Washington state),south is the Columbia river,west is the Pacific ocean, thus our railroad name will be the "Columbia Pacific" railroad.[​IMG].........................................
    ( the 1st pic is the "Red Rocks Railroad" building I'm modeling [​IMG])[​IMG]

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  2. nachoman

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    Excellent work! Keep us posted of your progress both with the building and your layout.

  3. yellowlynn

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    RR mine

    That is really looking great. Love the pictures, and don't stop now. More!

  4. Ralph

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    I rarely get around to taking a look at this forum but I'm glad I did. Mighty fine lookng work! That is a really attractive display in the first pic!
  5. Randy May

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    check my post "My Inspiration into On30" for the Link and pictures to the "Red Rock Railroad",,,,,there work is truely awesome! Randy May

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