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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Mar 1, 2007.

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    All Iv'e had up to this point is a very in-expensive caboose--very bright glossy colors, hook couplers, [ part of the trucks ], and black plastic crooked wheels, nothing inside and no window glazing. Did what i could, repaint, body mounted knuckle couplers, and new metal wheels, but it still looked like a toy.
    Iv'e sent for a Platinum line, four window wood caboose, off set cuppola, Chicago-Burlington and Quincy, complete interior, with all grab irons already installed and detailed underbody. What I'm wondering is can the body be easily removed so that the interior can be painted and detailed. Is the stove a separate part? I'd like to add a stove if needed, pads for the bunks etc. and didn't they have a ladder to get into the cuppola?
    I paid close to $40 for this and so it will be well worth the effort to really finish it off nicely.-----------John
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    It should be possible to remove the shell. Inspect it carfully when it arrives. Look at the paperwork that comes with it to see if there are instructions for removal.
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    The stove, especially the little coal stove that would have been in an old wood/offset cupola caboose, would definitely have been a separate part. There would have been metal sheeting up the walls around it, and some sort of protection for the floor too. In addition to the bunks/seats, there would be a small desk, a counter with sink, storage lockers under the cupola, and possibly a washroom (emptying to the tracks of course) at the back.

    Here's a few pictures with info (scroll down):


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    First of all, thanks Jim, Andrew-----I may or may not take it apart for further detailing. I got it today and it's a beauty. It has all the grab irons, support cables, railings and so forth already installed. The interior is molded in one piece, but the stove is separate. Problem is, you can't even see the interior thru the windows, so I think I'll just lightly weather it and that's all it needs.
    Andrew, thanks for the information pages. I had been inside a penn. caboose once when I was a kid, but that's been over fifty years ago. The one I saw was much smaller than the ones in the pictures. Thanks again, John

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