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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by FlareBaffled, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. FlareBaffled

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    Why, I don't know ( perhaps someone here knows ) but all the paper models of tanks I have found all seem to be 1:25, when most commercial plastic kits go for 1:35. I have a load of WW2 armour in plastic kits, but have found some really interesting papermodels of unusual stuff like T35's and T28's which are virtually impossible to get hold of in plastic.

    Obviousely, I would want to convert these to the same scale as the plastic kits, but would guess that there would be issues with some of the fine detail. How easy is it to scale things like this down?

    If the models are BMP of JGP format, it;s easy ... but how do I do the same with PDF files? Should I just scale it on the printer, and have a go ... or are there things I should worry about in terms of actual construction and the size of the bits I will have to work with?
  2. Lex

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    --You can set the scale in the printer's settings (printing preferences). ;)

    And I suppose 1/25 into 1/35 wouldn't be too difficult in terms of details
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    There are a few paper models in 1/35 - Answer has a 1/35 T-37, Fiat 3000 and a Crusader Mk II.

    I guess you're talking about the old GPM T-28 and the Modelcard T-35 models. Neither of these models is particularly detailed so there aren't lots of minute parts so scaling down shouldn't be a problem.

    Most modern printers will do scaled printing 1/25 to 1/35 is about 71.43%. The T-28 model won't give you any problems since it was originally published in A4 format - scaled printing to letter or A4 size will work ok. The T-35 model originally was in A3 format this could be more problematic unless you've got a printer that can accept large sized card.

    I think the plastic model manufacturers stay with 1/35 mostly because of cost - any 1/25 plastic models I've seen tend to be expensive.


  4. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Thanks for the info .... I'll dive in and give it a go. There was only ever 1 company in eastern Europe who made a plastic kit of hte T35, and it is virtually impossible to get hold of it now, so this is my best chance of getting one to build.

    The T35 may require some careful re-assembling of the pages once I scale it ... no A3 printer for me. I may build it in black and white and then seal it and spray it anyway. That should help it to blend in with the plastic kits. I might also raid my pile of unused plastic parts to dress it. Shovels, picks etc. never really work that well in card at smaller scale... it was bad enough cutting them out in 1:25!

    I'll give this a go and see how I get on!
  5. Fishcarver

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    1:35 scale is 71.4 % of 1:25. (25/35 = 0.714)

    By all means, print the model in black and white and seal/paint it. It will be fine, and you'll have a rare addition to your armour collection!

  6. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Soon as I get shot of this hangover, I will get scaling!

    Happy New Year :D

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