A Prairie Grain Elevator, in HO scale.

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by silverw, Aug 12, 2004.

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    Are going to include the dust collectors as part of the model? These are mandated by law for any operational grain elevator and have resulted in the few if any elevator explosions that used to be quite common in the late harvest season as the elevators became overworked by the incoming harvest.

    You also key an interesting point that should be more of an active discussion at this site that there should be more N and HO models under discussion. Cardmodels, with a little help from multimedia, are a low cost high quality method for populating layouts. I've stated before that many model train aficionados look at cardmodeling as being not worthy of their interst...., it's up to us to begin the change in that belief though the demonstration of knock-out models that are affordable and can be created at the end of an internet link. Keep up the good work here and when the elevator model is complete give us all a build posting.

    Best regards, Gil
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    Bandwidth exceeded.

    Thats the problem with Angelfire and Tripod.....

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    Sorry,....I had no idea that offering a free model without dust collectors would be illegal!


    Scroll down another inch and you will find an alternate link.

    The files are not at "Angelfire" or "Tripod"

    So....what is the problem with them...????
    And what would you suggest to use in their stead?

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