A plane by an inexperienced guy.

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by silverw, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. silverw

    silverw Member

    Hi Guys...and/or Gals :oops:

    This is a quote from a previious topic that got 'locked' beccause some of the boys were fighting.:(

    For example....I am currently working on a model titled.."AeroPlane"(Avro Arrow) and am satisified with the model, for my own liking: however, I feel this urge to make the plans available to others, knowing that there is little or no reward, forthcomming. So, I am just wondering,....why bother?

    Here is a picture of a partly comlpeted, early build....any comments would be welcome. :D
  2. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hi silverw,

    Why bother indeed?

    But then, why bother spending time answering peoples questions on this forum? Why bother writing tutorials? Indeed, why bother setting this website up in the first place?

    Well speaking only for myself (I am sure others will pitch in with their own points of view!!) I love making models, I love using my PC to make models, and I get a real kick out of seeing, and helping where I can, others becoming enthusiastic and learning their own skills. I get an even bigger kick out of watching projects such as Scorpios Bismark, Gils Fokker, Barrys Savage and all the others, because I can learn so much from them. I am really pleased that they can be bothered to photograph and write up their projects. They needn't, no doubt they could spend the time working on their models!

    If you want to release your model as a freebie, look on it as a 'thank you' back to the rest of the card modelling community. The return you will get will be a few 'thanks' e-mails back, no where near as many as the downloads you will get, but hey, human nature.... But I for one would be very pleased to see a model of that fantastic aircraft available. Tradition demands I mention the TSR2 at this point!

    But if you wanted to market your design, there are lots of ways of doing this as well, and this is perfectly valid. You have put in a lot of effort, so no-one ( well, not many) will moan if you want some reward in return, and I am sure I will be one of your first customers.

    Bottom line, gift or product. You know that warm fuzzy feeling when you give a present to someone? Well, thats the reward if you post it for free. You know that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing $ in your Paypal account? Thats the reward for selling it.

    Bottom line, you have to make your own mind up on this!

    Keep us posted, we'll be interested either way!

    Tim P
  3. barry

    barry Active Member


    You missed your vocation you should be writing a column for one of the big magazines, but then maybe you already are, this place certainly has world wide coverage. It gets better all the time, from all the different nationalities who take part I have learnt so much from their contributions here and as you say we are only talking pennies if they are sold so silverw please bother whatever it is you contribute.

    I read all your comments on design and although it is unlikely I will ever design anything it is fascinating.(not forgetting Gil,Horus,NOBI et al)


    ps 2 votes for TSR2
  4. GyverX

    GyverX Member

    Tim, You said it all!
    For me, its about being apart of a community and creating. Let me explain.
    I have allways been creative, Artistry, wood working, you name it. but back in '87 when I started getting into computers I found an easer out let to my creativity. Video Games. I found a game called Monster truck madness. To create for this game took some learning but I found my self wanting to build more. Then the sequel came out to this game and it was not that hard to build for that game either. But as games became more intense, so did the learning curve. I started on building web sites and 3D wallpaper. Now I have the models for myself to build. I am currently looking for more chalanges in the modeling field that do not requiere me to go out and spend gobbs of money on tools to build such models. (Airbrush and such)

    I build models and display them or give them away to freinds becuase I love creating such things for self enjoyment. If I could I would be creating all kinds of models for release. and for sale. but the learning curve for some of the software is a little steep and time is not on my side at the moment.
    In closing> THanks for creating what ever it is you made but the image for display is broken. :)
  5. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    This thread from the beginning seems to be moving away from the main reason for the original post, and I won't change that, as I have a few things to add. But first, the Arrow is an interesting model. Keep us informed on the progress. 8v)

    Now for the diversion. I got interested in paper models about four years ago. After building several models and seeing what was being released, I decided I wanted to try to design something myself. Well, I selected vehicles from my favorite cartoon strip...The Flintstones...and designed the now world famous line of Flintstone-style paper cars. I released them free to world, as I wanted to give something back and because I figured if I charged for them, I would get sued by Hanna-Barbera (excuse the spelling if its wrong). But I am also in the middle of several other designs which may be finished someday. And when they are finished, I will gladly release them to anyone who wants to build them. For me, that is all the thanks I need. I could probably charge for my models I release in the future, but I want to see the models built. If I charge for it, how many people will buy a kit from an unknown and build it? A dozen? Two dozen? That's a drop in the bucket to the number who would download a freebie and eventually build it, if only to see how it looks finished. So, my point is, for me, maximum exposure is my goal. Releasing it free is the most effective way to maximize that exposure. Find the reason you are doing what you are doing and act on that reason. And remember, the next time you come across one of the three kits from the world famous Flintstone series of paper models, that they are free to download, free to build, mainly because the designer feared a lawsuit 8v)
  6. Kugelfang

    Kugelfang Member

    Scratching an itch is its own reward ;-)

    Seriously, I found that sharing my 3d computer models very rewarding. It brought me in contact with people with similiar interests. True, the vast majority of downloaders will never get in contact with you. But there are a few gems out there that will.

  7. GyverX

    GyverX Member

    FLintstones? WHere? I have been alot of places but I have nerver seen them. Are they still up for grabs?
    Ok enough questions. The reason I have not contacted the people I have buit models of is becuase there from asian sites or a diffrent language. If and when I build a free model You bet I'll let that person know how it truned out :)
  8. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Soon as I locate a place to upload them, I'll put them back up 8v)
  9. silverw

    silverw Member

    Hi All...
    Thanks for all the replies....but I really didn't mean to start another round of "why bother?" I'm agonna do this thing anyway...I guess I was just looking for comments on the picture. :)

    BCNU sooner or later........Bill

    P.S. Looks like a TSR2 could be a "next"
  10. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    Have you considered the world famous "Parts Bin"? That has a donate button too. :D
  11. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    oo, I couldn't resist!

    I'll dig my old files out.....
  12. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    But Maurice...thats for parts! These are "World Famous" full models I am putting up. 8v)

    Actually, I think I have found somewhere to put them up, and will, for those who missed the original release of the World Famous line of Flintstone car models, announce the URL shortly.
  13. Atomsk

    Atomsk Member

    Yes, the CF-105 and TSR-2 have always been on my list of "why did they go and cancel that" aerospace projects. They've now been joined by the X-33, X34, and CRV.

    silverw, will your Arrow be the J-75 powered version or the one with the Iroquois engines?
  14. barry

    barry Active Member


    Too answer your original question looks good so far look forward to the finished item

  15. silverw

    silverw Member

    Well....please note the word "inexperienced" up at the top there. This "has" to be a fun thing for me......so it may not be exactly authentic. So, I would like to be able to reserve the right to say that it is 'either', niether' or 'both' :twisted:
    Appearently, the RL206 with the Iroquois, never flew.....unless you watch the movie(BTW...the movie happened to be on TV the other day...must be an omen!!)....and most of the stuff I have is of the early designs, so...it will probably be the one with the Pratt & Whitney engine.
    However, I was thinking of making it "RL222" ...so that I could justify any mistakes that I made! :oops:
    We will see what happens... :D


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