A plain build of a CRRof NJ, 4-4-0 camelback. A " Scratch-N-Bash "

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    Plain build of a CRRofNJ class D4 4-4-0c.
    * looking for information, photos and Elevation drawings of any of the 5, D4, 4-4-0c camelbacks. These locomotives were built as Class D2 rear cab 4-4-0's, with wagon top boilers in June of 1882. They all went into the Ashley shops and were I quote rebuilt and finished in June of 1898. They came out D4 class, with their original numbers which were, 172, and 174 to 177. They retained these numbers 1 year. The CRRofNJ renumbered them in 1899. There was a renumbering again in 1903.
    * Here is a list with the original Baldwin construction number as a reference.
    Build #, ____Orig. #_____1898 #_____ 1903 #.
    6223 ______176________549_______ 564
    6224______177 ________550_______ 561
    6225______174 ________547 _______565
    6227______175 ________548 _______568
    6250______172 ________545 _______567
    * Any information on these locomotives would help me.

    A link to a photo of one at North East railfan.

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    * I can not find a Elevation drawing yet! This is a elevation drawing I have made to show how it would look. The only measurement I know is the driver size of 69". I need a good drawing or a photo directly from the side.

    *** Click on drawing to see a larger size drawing.

    CRRofNJ D4 4-4-0c.jpg
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    Verrrry interesting, not the strangest rebuild of a 4-4-0. A Narrow gauge outfit in northern California took an american apart, put the boiler back on the frame backwards (they burt oil, as required very early by California law, both to suport the oil industry, and to minimize acidental fires ); and made a cab forward out of it. Keith Wiseman sells a parts kit (no motor) http://www.locopainter.com/store/product.php?id=280 I'm sorely tempted to build one, but it would look out of place on the TN/ GA/ NC border, heck it would look out of place anywhere. Thanks for sharing your work reproducing these oddities.
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    That cab forward is to western a locomotive. I'll stick to my camelbacks.
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    That cab forward is just plain wierd. i've considered getting the patrs to kitbash a normal HOn3 4-4-0 out of them, but fortunately found a FED 4-4-0 first. I recently also got a NWSL Spartain 4-4-0 in On3, and a massive pile of castings. it will be a massive project, so besides detailing it to the nines; I will want to paint it for the 1880 glory days, which should be an awesome challenge; since I'm more used to painting for dirt than shine.
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    IMG_1544.JPG Here is the finished CRRofNJ 4-4-0c #567. For their time they were state of the Art in locomotive engineering.
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