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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by paperpanzer, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. paperpanzer

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    I'm sure others have come across my problem..

    Being European I design my models for printing onto A4 paper, but if my models are printed in American letter format then the scale will be off??

    Is there a way around this or do I need to create .PDF's for both formats?

  2. American letter 8.5 X 11 inch(217X279mm) is 7mm wider and 18mm shorter than an A4 (210X297mm)
    If you give your A4 designs a (+/- 10 mm) extra white margin on the top and bottom you should be able to print without scaling on both formats
    Cheers, Billy
  3. paperpanzer

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    Thanks Billy

    I'll try that one
  4. Have a look at how Nobi or Kampfflieger do the layout of ther designs, they leave a lot of margin, so they'll fit always.
    Cheers, Billy
  5. Majortomski

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    Hello all, I'm new here, sort of at paperpanzers request, I'm reveiwing some of his beautiful work. I'm the driver behind the question.

    The answer is a bit more complex that you indicate.

    First many made for the US printers don't even offer A4 as an optional size in the software. Even if I purposely cut paper to that size I cant fit to print on it.

    Setting a wide margine, will allow for an A4 original model to FIT on US
    8-1/2 x 11, BUT it also re sizes the model at "fit to page" In this case Andy's free all white A7V, scaled in 1:72 on A4 paper came out 92.5% undersized as measured off of his 4cm scale drawn on the image. On my US pdf print the 4cm only measures 3.7cm or 1:77 scale. Not much but when one is striving for scale accuracy it becomes a bugger.

    I have the same problem even with US sources like Fiddelers Green. Chip and co have their common scale shrink or streach function on all of thier plans, but the latest versions of Adobe pdf printer no longer have a scale adjustment function.

    Well let me make a liar out of myself. sign1 I just went back and looked at the print commands associated with Andy's white tank. There is now a "NONE" on the scaleing function that allowed the full scale image in 1:72 to print on US standard letter paper by cropping off the right and left edges.

    At least this works on the big stuff at work. Now to try it at home.

    Tom Solinski Oklahoma City OK USA
  6. I have a solution. Design your models to a new size. One that accomodates both papers. use the width of A-4 (210mm) and the length of letter (279mm). Now you models will fit perfectly on either paper size. I know all of us over the pond would appreciate it very much. Who says we have to be bound by the standards of any one system. Let us create new ones for modelers all over the world. announce1:wave7:Currently I have to use the scale to fit function to get my models to fit on letter. But then they are cropped smaller than I would prefer. So I get around that problem by cutting the parts and pasting to MSWord then resizing from there. It is a pain but at least I get the results I want.

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