A.P.U. Mecha from Matrix

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    Today I found something cool: A paper model of the HUGE A.P.U. Mecha from Matrix. The builder made EVERY piece, piston and even the ammo by himself. He has put incredible amount of detail into the model and made sure that everything was movable, too! Just check this out:


    Unfortunately all links prior to 2013 are dead. A short google search later I found a link to a build thread on theRPF:


    The first post contains a valid link to the complete package including instructions. Grab it now before it vanishes again! ;)
  2. Cybergrinder

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    Drool, Thanks RF downloaded it! :) That was one of the best scenes in Matrix Revolutions, all those APU futilely blasting away at the millions of sentinels pouring through the breeches....
  3. zathros

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    I have this model, and was given permission to go over it in Rhino, and make the parts "geometrically perfect". I started doing it but fast realized the model needed nothing from me. There is a certain rawness to the hand drawn one that translates into something more believable. It is a superb model, which needed nothing from me. It truly is an incredible model. :)
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