A nice green crocodile in Switzerland

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    A the same Railfest in Degersheim (Switzerland)where I photographed the big steamers there was also a Swiss crocodile loco auf the SBB (Swiss Federal railways).

    Type designation is Ce 6/8 III --> meaning: C = top speed 40 mph/(65 km/h), e = electric, 6/8 = six of eight axles powered, III = the 3rd series built. (Type I was a prototype, type II had a different rod mechanism).

    One of the most famous locos of Switzerland, I guess. Enjoy!

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    Just to give an idea about the size of the loco - here's a comparison with a rather short example of the human species. :D :D :D

    (Hehe, just a lame excuse to post ones own pic...)

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    Here is a close up look of the rodding.

    On the right is a gear wheel, enclosed in an oil bath. From here the power is transmitted to the wheels. This 'blind axle' with the big gear wheel is powered from two electric motors above. In the long noses there are also the compressors and other auxiliary stuff.

    In fact both crocodile noses are two articulated trucks. The cab with the pantographs and transformers is suspended between these two wheeled trucks. The gap between cab and nose is clearly visible.

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    There are two of these for sale on ebay right now from a swiss/american collection.N scale
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    Ah, Ron, I built one of these from the Kitmaster kit over 40 years ago. I never managed to hook up with a 2 rail HO version...
  6. I won't say anything more: I love this locomotive!

    That's all!

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