a new way of curving card stock parts

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  1. buffalowings

    buffalowings New Member

    this is a idea I came up with for curving parts, get two aluminum rods, tie them together on both ends or just one, put it on a table, and grab the piece you want to curve, and put it in between the aluminum rods, then pull the card downwards, repeat until you get your desired curveture
    photos should explain process more clearly

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  2. buffalowings

    buffalowings New Member

    expanded a bit on my idea

    if you need a faster method of curving the parts, curve the part, then flip the rods around and also swap the rods so you can curve it again
    I hope the photos explain my idea
    announce1also, pay attention to the piece of masking tape on the end of the rods

    alas, don't mind the sock in the last pic:cool:

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  3. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    Very cool idea..
  4. buffalowings

    buffalowings New Member

    why thank you:wave:
  5. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    I'm looking at making some large (HO Scale) 8-9 inch diameter grain bins so this should come in real handy.
  6. umtutsut

    umtutsut Member

    No damage?

  7. buffalowings

    buffalowings New Member

    I came up with this idea before I even had a papermodel in my hands, therefore, I'm not sure whether or not it will damage the printed side, but I'll test this out when I get my printouts from staples. stay tuned
    but, what I know is, it's better to make multiple passes through the rods, then pull really sharply in one pull, if you pull too hard or too sharp, the paper WILL be creased
  8. luvecraft

    luvecraft New Member

    Great idea sir, thanks for the tips
  9. RickTNRebel

    RickTNRebel New Member

    Great idea, but the aluminum is not a good choice as it leaves black marks on the paper. Stainless steel rod or tempered glass rod would be optimum, unless the marks are of no consequence.

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