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  1. Hi all! I'm posting again for the first time in a while, because my financial clouds are finally clearing up!

    I have space for a new layout to be composed of 2 doors laid in an L shape (80x30" doors, for an L shape of 80x110, with a 30" depth.) in a spare bedroom that gets shared with books and game materials, and maybe a small HO or OO9 layout later.)

    My inital plan wont fit with my overall requirements, so I'm throwing it out for some people to look over:

    N-Scale (of course!). era is 1970-2030, anytown USA, with a lot of Heritage Steam (eg: I'm likely to run steam engines, diesel, and futuristic looking bullet trains)

    The Railroad should have: a long, multi-level mainline, preferably in a double-folded dogbone shape for maximum length (with the space I have and a folded dogbone, a scale mainline run of 2 miles *should* be possible).

    Min radius of 12-3/8" to accommodate Japanese-model Bullet trains. Most Turnouts are expected to be Atlas #4s, which use a 19" radius curve section). Max grade of 2%.

    A yard for passenger service, and freight service, with a separate, Urban zone for switching. The switching zone should not be a timesaver, but an inglenook puzzle as a small yard will do as additional challenge to the switching. Both the passenger and freight yards, and the switch region should be operable without fouling the main line.

    The main benchwork will be just sitting on tables, and I'll use 2-inch extruded foam on the doors as a base.
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    I don't see the image.
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    Still is 2 doors, each 80"x30" in an L shape.

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