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  1. pszyman

    pszyman New Member

    In upcoming days there will be a very interesting model issued to the market. What is more exiting its going to be a limited edition. Thanks to its publisher you have a chance to get it for free. I'd like to propose a riddle according to the following conditions. It will be a 5 questions asked, here on the forum. Every time a right answers will be granted points. First 3, second 2 and third 1 point, it work for every question to allow a multiple right answers. We will make a summary when all 5 questions are answered. A winner will get this model for free when purchasing any other model from this publisher. Next 5 runners up will get 30% discount for this model.

    1. What was the reason for painting false waves on a bow and a stern of the warships and why it is not being done nowadays ?

    Good luck
  2. Horus

    Horus Member

    To confuse WW1 submarines when firing torpedoes.
    If you get the direction the ship is moving in wrong, the firing solution for the torpedo is wrong.
    The reason it's not done today is that Sonar and radar technologies can determin the direction of movement rendering the practice obsolete.


  3. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    that, and with airborne radar stations having lookdown capability, they can pass on the location to subs or other vessels via secure data link, and any vessel or aircraft can hit the targeted ship.

  4. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Hey Tim time for the Great Panjundrum story again!!!

    Best, Gil
  5. Ron

    Ron Member

    it gave a false sense of speed by painting a wave on the bow of a ship. A ship moving slowly would appear to be moving faster thus throwing off anyone trying to target a torpedo or give an accurate report

  6. pszyman

    pszyman New Member

    Horus: Good answer. Just let me add on top of that. According to my sources, that was done to confuse all, not only submarines. 3 points goes to you :)

    Rickstef: your answer is missing a sort of the "first" part. 1 point
    Ron: Missing a second part ;) 1 point

    Question nb 2.

    What plane is on the picture. Please give a full name.
  7. Horus

    Horus Member

    Kawanishi H8K2
    Otherwise known as "Emily"
  8. Ron

    Ron Member

    Marcus did it again I think!

    I have to agree. KAWANISHI H8K2 or 'Emily'

  9. Horus

    Horus Member

    There was a transport version too. It was named "Seiku" ("Calm Sky")
  10. pszyman

    pszyman New Member

    The right answer is : Kawanishi H8K Emily

    Horus: 3
    Ron: 2

    Question nb 3

    This is a complicated one. You have to find what have in common the following things: Elvis Presley, number 39 and Kawanishi H8k Emily?

    The right answer will tell us what is the model the riddle is about.

    If for a long period there is no answer I'll give some more hints.
  11. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    is 39 correct ?

    38 would be the age of elvis when he died (or his he still alive :D )
    38 would be the span of 'emily' in meter

  12. pszyman

    pszyman New Member

  13. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Ok, wild guess

    An "Emily" bombed and sank a ship with the number 39 on it, and Elvis sang about a girl named Emily

  14. Horus

    Horus Member

    Elvis was born in 1935, died in 1977 making him 42. So that's not it.
    Was it something to do with one of Elvis' films, Blue Hawaii perhaps?
  15. Horus

    Horus Member

    There was a "flying boat carrier" called "Akitsushima" which was built in 1939.
  16. Brent

    Brent New Member

    This is a complicated one. You have to find what have in common the following things: Elvis Presley, number 39 and Kawanishi H8k Emily?

    Elvis was 42 when he died. Number 39 is the book# for the Akitsushima (carried one Emily). First sortie (Emily) in March 42 was to be a bombing raid on Oahu, Hawaii. Elvis also peformed in Hawaii (Aloha from Hawaii).

    Am I close?

  17. pszyman

    pszyman New Member

    Guys, well done. The model is Akitsushima.

    Number 39 is the number of the "Profile Morskie" with a comprehensive description including drawings of this ship.

    This ship is a sea plane tender. Elvis performed a song "Love me tender". I've to admit that it was a nasty part of the question ;)

    Kawanishi H8k Emily - that's easy. Of course it was a plane carried on the ship.

    Horus: 3
    Brent: 2

    The question nb 4:

    The model will be in 1:200 scale. Please tell how high, lond and wide model will be (in cm)
  18. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    see below
  19. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Love me seaplane tender Emily...,
    Give me a Akitsushima Profile Morskie...,
    The whole night long...,

    Didn't Bo Diddly do this in the mid '50s?

    Sorry, the other thread has kind of fuzzed me out. I'll be OK after some solid paper whacking.

    Best regards, Gil
  20. Maurice

    Maurice Member

    Assuming it's a waterline model
    Length (oa)_____589.75mm
    Height (approx.)__180.95mm

    Height is very approximate since it is a rarely published figure for ships.
    Add 27mm if it's full hull.
    These dimensions are in mm since I disapprove of the use of cm.

    BTW has anyone round hear heard of longitude and time zones, a bit of lattitude is needed.
    BTBTW score keeping don't seem too hot either.
    BTBTBTW all this in good humour. OK.

    As a completely irrelevant supplement to the bow wave bit. A lot of pics show ships of the Grand Fleet fitted with canvas triangles between the funnels. It took the Brits a long time to work out that whilst these confused their own coincidence rangefinders they did not spoof German stereoscopic instruments. On the other side the Germans never worked out that the High Seas Fleet ought to be fitted with them.

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