A new model for TWE

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by MOS95B, May 26, 2007.

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  1. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member


    Saw this and immediately thought of you, Phil! Enjoy.....
  2. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    WOW!! H...how do you assemble this thing?!
  3. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    Phil is the man!! He'd figure it out in a heartbeat....

  4. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    lol ... are there any reference pictures for the final model. I think I would have to scan the pieces, not being confident in my building skills.

    Go Go Go TWE! lol
  5. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    To quote Lister, "Brutal !!!" :D
  6. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Ok - is it an actual puzzle or did somebody just put a hunk of wood through a wood chipper and bag it up?
  7. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    It's a joke item - somebody doing a parody of a wooden puzzle. It's a good way of using up old wood shavings :twisted:
  8. Padre

    Padre Guest

    Hey TWE, Don't let them fool ya! I got one of those before and here is what you can make out of it.
  9. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

  10. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Actually, Phil sent me a photo of how his build on this kit turned out:

    Nice job, Phil!:wink:

  11. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    Funny, all I could make was this...


  12. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Interesting...the package shows the finished model on the label, but I understand Phil decided to enhance it a bit and ended up with the bridge... by carving it....:grin:

  13. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    I WOOD be willing to bet that everyone who replied to this post enjoys fishing?
    Thank you.:twisted:
  14. dinsour

    dinsour Member


    Phil. I used to enjoy fishing but I don't have enough time left to go fishing. Ay my age the bait might outlive me. I don't even buy green bananas because I might not be around until they ripen.
    The wooden puzzle is out of place here (it is not paper or card). I think I'll empty out my paper shredder and bag it up. Same deal only made out of paper. :twisted: :cry: :grin: *** Sorry about that guys, I'm just in a silly mood today. LOL

    -----------73 Ron
  15. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Actually Dinosaur (dinsour) this thread is exactly in place.
    Pardon the interruption is for off topic discussions.
    Silly old man! lol
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