A New Frigate From The 1760´s Is Born

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Askold, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. Askold

    Askold New Member

    recently I started a new project: A frigate from Chapman´s Architectura Navalis, built by plan and scaled 1/250. All made by my own. Maybe you´d like to post some critics or ideas, I´d be thankful...
    To me, this ship is a prototype model to get involved in the material etc, to then get into constructon.
    I plan to constructing my own kits, mainly 18th century sailing ships scaled 1/250.
    Here are some pics of my nice little frigate:
  2. Askold

    Askold New Member

    The previous picture shows the ship as it has been some days before. Actually it looks like this:
  3. Askold

    Askold New Member

    To see the size of the model I added my lighter:
  4. Askold

    Askold New Member

    ...and now some other views. Right now I am building the upper decks and the guns (it´s a 40-´gun-ship and 30 guns are located in the lower battery, cute, isn´t it ??)
  5. Askold

    Askold New Member

    ...now a stern view:
  6. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, Askold! :D
    What an amazing project!!
    Ever more so when you see the scale compared to the lighter...by the way, where did you get such a large lighter? :lol:
    Seriously, this is a great scale, particularly for the smaller sailing ships, and you seem to be very much at home at that size.
    How did you build the hull? Using Chapman, I would assume you took the lines, made card stock bulkheads and than assembled them with a profile/center keel piece, is that what you did?
    Did you plank the hull using cardstock as well?
    However you did it the result is great!
    Great photos!
    Looking forward to more detail photos when you are able. :D
  7. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    Wow ! You're scratch-building this ?! :shock: Great stuff, Askold and keep the photos coming. :) What is the name of the ship ?
  8. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member

    Askold Willkommen

    Wow! a scratch built paper Frigate, most outstanding.

    Jim Nunn
  9. Askold

    Askold New Member

    now I´d lik to give a little description about how I built this nice little ship:
    1. Taking the FREE DOWNLOAD drawings from
    http://www.sjohistoriska.nu/Myndigheten SMM/Samlingar/Arkiv/Architectura Navalis/Ritningar.aspx
    I decided to take sheet XXXII/XXXIII and scaled it down to 1/250 by using Photoshop 5.5
    2. Cutting out keel and constructing bulkheads from the original drawings. Cutting out battery deck and assembled the pieces (I used 9 bulkheads, this is not enough, I think I will remember this when starting the next project :shock:
    3. 4(!) layers of planking, 1st and 3rd layer made of cardstock, 2nd and upper layer made of paperstripes (about 2mm)
    4. Assembling the upper hull and wales from cardstock, constructing the stern and figurehead.
    Note: Figurehead and stern decorations are made mainly from a paper handkerchief, if you use enough glue you can easily form it :D
    5. Assembling bowsprit and bow decorations (it took more than 10 hours to do this)
    6. Yesterday I assembled the forecastle and the gun wagons located under the forecastle. The guns themselves (made from toothpicks) will then be assembled by using the gun ports.
    Note: all decks are made from cardstock with a layer of paper planks. Looks very good. The whole model is painted with Revell enamel colours.
    So let´s take a few looks:
  10. Askold

    Askold New Member

    This project as well as the following ship (I think about a French frigate or maybe an east indiaman) are the first step to constructing my own cardstock kits for commercial sale. Will they be bought ????
    Well then, my frigate is waiting, you will read more soon.
  11. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Thanks for the info, Askold!
    How thick was the card stock you used for the first and third planking layers? I was wondering why you used a 2nd layer of paper; did that provide any particular help in getting to the last and final layer of paper planks rather than just two layers of card stock?
    Have you tried to use acrylic flat paints rather than enamel? I suppose the enamel won't affect the paper and card stock as much as acrylic might, but I have had no problems using acrylics on paper models...so far!
    I would love to see photos when you start the next project showing how you construct the interior framing and then apply the planking.
    I was wondering how you did that figurehead, it came out great...hard to believe it is a hankerchief! :shock:
    Super job, and great posts!! :D
    Looking forward to more.
    Yes, you can count on at least one person interesting in your models of sailing ships in this scale...ME!
  12. Askold

    Askold New Member

    Hi Jim,
    I used 220g cardstock. About the layers: Due to my using only 9 bulkheads, there were heavy deformations on the first layer. I corrected this by using the 2nd layer, but paper is too thin at all.
    So I had to make the 3rd layer out of cardstock. The last layer is for decoration (plank profiles) and also to cover gapes in the cardstock layer :D
    About the enamel: I used this kind of colour simply because I had it at home and because I am concerned with it since I made my first plastic-kits :wink:
    Another word to the figurehead: The body is made from thick cardstock with a layer of glued paper to get the form. The head and the arm are made out of glued paper (just take enough glue and form it). The smaller detail (hair) is made in the mentioned technique.
    Well, and I must say that I love this kind of ships in that scale 8)
  13. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Askold

    I'am always intrested in new ship kits, if the files are not locked so it could be rescaled as the mob here will tell you I like them big :lol:

    It's a very nice model you have there and you should be well proud of it.

    Keep us up to date with how you get on please


  14. Askold

    Askold New Member

    Hi Rob,
    no problem, I´ll keep you up to date :D
  15. larrymax

    larrymax Member

    Fantastic Job, Askold! Now,......as to using TOOTHPICKS for Cannons! :D :D (LOL!) Just kidding, man! I use WHATEVER works! I try to start with paper, but, sometimes, you just can't get it right that way! Great Work! Looking forward to seeing more!

    HMS Cleopatra
    Paper Navy of the Bear Flag Republic
  16. Corporal_Trim

    Corporal_Trim Member

    I use toothpicks too, and wood dowels here and there for card modeling. It can be rationalized this way: paper is just a wood by-product. :wink:

    The ship looks great, Askold ! One request, is it possible for your camera to zoom in for some closer photos ? I'd love to see finer details on your build.
  17. Askold

    Askold New Member

    Unfortunately not, Steve, it´s just a 1MegaPix cam... But I´m working on it. As soon as I have better equipment I´ll show you some details.
  18. j77ason

    j77ason New Member

    Hi Askold,
    I have Chapman's Architectura Navalis, I bought it when I lived in England some 34 years ago (my how time flies). I also have some plans from Admiral Paris's Works and they are truly magnificent, as well as plenty of sailing warship plans from ex Communist Block magazines and of course large scale plans.
    I never bothered to catalog my smaller plans of these ships because until now, with you, I've never met anyone with any interest in them.
    I saw your request to trade earlier on somewhere - I might be interested - do you have an email address
    I had a go at the Golden Hind, I discovered that at a scale of 1/100 it was easiest to build the hull sides from thick card sheeted inside and outside with scale planking sheets from the kit, which I painted using acrylic paints. I got fed up trying to do the rigging - are you going to do rigging on your models too?

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