A Merry Christmas to all from down under

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by triman, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. triman

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    As we wind down towards the Christmas holidays I'd just like to wish all contributors and readers-passing-through all the best for the festive season.
    Early forecasts are for a temp in the 40's(celsius), over a hundred farengrade, on Christmas Day, when we'll sit down to a burnt turkey, oversalted ham, assorted coloured vegetable things and quaff buckets of looney juice, sorry, alcoholic beverages, then collapse for the after noon while the kids moan about the flat batteries in the new toys and the really stupid adults will play some exceesively energetic game involving bats and balls.
    Then we have about a fortnight of leftover burnt turkey and oversalted ham served up in a variety of unappetising "meals".
    But, it will all be worth it to spend some quality time with family and friends, to see the joy on the faces of the young ones as they open the gifts, and hopefully the red-suited bloke will bring you the long-lusted-for kit.
    Compliments of the season to you all.
  2. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    And the same for all our good friends down under! :D
  3. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    I second Ty's motion.

    Triman, sounds like the many Filipino Christmasses I was honored to attend. Weather like that calls for one thing: cold beir! Merry Christmas!
  4. SLOW

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    Merry Christmas to you also. Do you have chimineys and fireplaces in your houses down under? Where do you hang your stockings? 100 degrees!! I don't think you will need the use of a fireplace that's for sure. I am in Buffalo NY USA. The snow capital of the US. Actually, it's not that we get all that much snow it's just that God tends to dump it on us all at one time. We got 7 feet of the stuff dumped on us in 24 hours last year. I had to take a lader and get up on the top of my garage and shovel the snow off so that the roof wouldn't cave in. Last week we had temperatures as low as 7 degrees ferenheight (Way below 0 C...my C temp gage doesn't go down that low so I can't convert it exactly.) Then there's the wind chill that comes down from up north and that makes it feel like it's 20 below 0 F. Even the simpleist of tasks become very labor intensive. Joints don't want to move and it's hard to breath. The cold air makes you caugh and choke. After 15 minutes of shoveling snow you can't catch your breath and have to go indoors to warm up. But, there's nothing like spending an evening cuddling with your wonderful sweetie by the fireplace and watching the snow fall with some hot rum totties and counting your blessings. It's a great way to spend a cold winters evening.
  5. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    It's good to know we have a lot more in common than we thought.
    Now, if we could all remember the life of the one who's birthday we celebrate, and forget about "digital communications", the world might be a better place ( at least until new years).

    May you all be blessed to have all around you, caught up in the true spirit of Christmas.
  6. triman

    triman Member

    Here in the Antipodes it can get cold at times so we do have chimneys and fireplaces, and as for where you hang the stockings, well, I won't go into that except to say that they look good on the wife;)
    I must admit I'm not a big fan of snow but I recall seeing somewhere that Australia has more of it than Switzerland during the cold season. And in the summer, no snow but plenty of chipped ice for the frozen margueritas:)
    Anyway, the main tenor of the message was to wish you all a happy season over Xmas, thinking of your own supreme being and spending quality time with family.
  7. SLOW

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    Yes, a very merry Christmas to you too. I know that the main idea was to wish a Merry Christmas to all. I just couldn't resist finding out more about your country though. I was just wondering if maybe down in the Southern part of Australia if they get snow or not. I know that it gets cold in Tasmania but I didn't know if it got cold enough for snow.

  8. triman

    triman Member

    We have a variety of winter sports that involve snow, including the usual suspects, what with strapping planks to your feet and falling down mountains, or sitting in wheel-less conveyances and hurtling down mountains, and various other ways of getting down mountains. The snow areas cover Tasmania, parts of Victoria and some of New South Wales.
    Then on the other side of the climate the 3 most bushfire-prone areas of the world are the Mediterranean Riviera, California and south-eastern Australia. So, it's -10 in August then +45 in summer, and the big fella upstairs imposes his scorched-earth policy every summer. New South Wales has already had some very severe fires this season, and 3 heli-tankers are here on charter.
    During your Christmas your prayers go to those searching for people lost in blizzards and snowstorms; ours go to the volunteer firemen and support agencies. I was a country fireman for 17 years and spent 3 Xmas dinners on a fire front. But, this place wouldn't be Australia without our climatic extremes and we love it.
  9. boppa

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    40-well its that here at the moment

    thats 40 C

    at 1 in the morning!!

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