A major purchase for the SSR.

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by kokoracer, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. kokoracer

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    Hello everyone!

    Have not posted here in quite some time. Lots going on. I have recently added another 15 feet of track. Had to oversome obsticles ie a sink, washer and dryer. The new track will enlarge my layout to run the entire lenght of the basement. I am going to have to block the layout because I think that I have reached the limit of my current power supply, a Railpower 1370.

    Bought a new cell phone with a camera. Will be posting pics as soon as I can get an adapter for it.

    Now for the question. I am going to be buying a large quantity of equipment from a friend for pennies on the dolllar. Much is NIB.
    I intend on culling the useable stuff, ie stuff that fits into my layout.
    I then plan on moving the rest and hopefully turning a profit.

    Any ideas on how to figure fair market value and then move it out quickly?
    I am going to try to avoid ebay.
  2. Trainiac77

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    Use eBay to get the pricing and then sell it on craig's list better yet sell it here on Zealot
  3. Sawdust

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    I agree with Trainiac77. You can also check the internet hobby sites & look your items up to see what they are selling for. Sounds like you got some good deals.Congrats!
  4. kokoracer

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    Now the fun begins!!

    The purchase came in today and I got a better deal than I thought. Now I have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Lots of passenger stuff which I will move. Some Amtrak, some Pennsy and some western roads. About 15 or 20 locos, ranging from NIB to runners to fixers and parts. Mostly western roads and many large 6 axle locos.

    If there are any members in the Western Ma. or Northern Ct. who have experience, I could use a hand with this. I will gladly make a donation for fuel and will supply coffee and pizza.

    Contact me at kokoracer@gmail.com Thanks John

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