A & M t-6?

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    I've referenced a picture on Railroadforums.com on the other thread I started titled First parts for the t-6 I have a book on Alco locomotives with pictures of the t-6. I noticed a difference between the ones in my book and the picture of the A & M t-6. The t-6s in my book have windows in the front of the cab looking out over the top of the hood like most switch engines. The pic on the other forum on the A & M t-6 shows some sort of box like housing on top of the hood directly in front of the cab. What is it? Does it go all of the way accross, or just cover the right front window?
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    The photos of the T-6 in the Alco book are showing as-built whereas the A&M T-6's have been rebuilt/modified over the years. As to what that box is and what it does I haven't a clue.
    You could go to the railroad and inquire http://www.arkansasmissouri-rr.com (check with the diesel shops) wether they would answer you question remains to be seen.
    Another web page that has more photos of locomotives is George Elwoods http://www.rr-fallenflags.org


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