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    While I'm waiting for the primer to dry on the 3'gauge 2-8-2, I thiught I'd resurrect an old standard gauge project. This had started as an MDC 0-6-0, which I had decided to convert to a 2-6-2. Then a tiny picture in the Fall 2003 issue of Clasic Trains, of a Flint & Pere Marquette 2-4-2 "columbia", in a gravel pit in Caro, Michigan, reminded me of a much older project that never got started.
    In the February, 1975 issue of Railroad Modeler, there had been an article on the Warrenton Railroad (Warrenton N.C.). The #4 engine was a 2-4-2, and I had wanted to build one.
    I got the old MDC out, and compared it to the 1975 photo, and there were enough similarities that I started the rebuild to the 2-4-2.
    Most of the brass details were added to the "2-6-2", including the valve gear kit, which has to be completely modified now. The pilot truck, and trailing truck were scratchbuilt in brass.
    This is the beginning of this new project.

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    Way to go Pete, can't wait to see more of this little jem

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