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  1. i was out and about and i cought the two pic i hope you all enjoy:wave: now i just hope to catch the mow in action now

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  2. brakie

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    Nice! I can hear those horns blaring for that crossing!:thumb:
  3. conrails old tracks now csx (yet defect detector reports as conrail still??) besides the home road ive seen cn cnw up bnsf ns railroads up thru here. how things have changed since big blue.
  4. i finaly cought csx mow at work here are some pics

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  5. and the last pic still cant get it to allow more than 5 at a time????

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  6. TruckLover

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    Good old Track repair.

    Just like construction on the streets, THEIR NEVER DONE!!! :curse:

    They pave over it, make you think there done, and then they come back and rip it right back up. Sometimes I wonder why they do that.:confused:

    Cool pictures though. I like the CSX Backhoe.
  7. just like in the winter around here. snow falls x amount they salt then come behind and plow ????????????????????????????

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