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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Tim K, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Tim K

    Tim K Member

    I am planning to build a small outdoor run in the spring after my wife commented on how nice the outdoor garden trains looked.

    I plan on supprising here but what I need to know is what track to buy.
    I am sure this is asked a lot but I would apreciate any help.

    I already picked up a USA trains GP 9 in G scale and would like to start looking for the track.

    I was thinking of AristroCraft SS , is it any good .
    I don't want the hassle of brass ,to many nightmares as a child cleaning my Grandfathers brass layout :cry: .

    Tim K
  2. GeorgeHO

    GeorgeHO Member

    I'm not in G-gauge, but my brother is. He said brass outdoors track is the way to go because it doesn't RUST. He does have a small scrubbrush on a broom handle that he uses once a month to go over the track. His 100' of track takes about 2 minutes to clean.
  3. Philinbos

    Philinbos Member

    I've had G outside for about 6 years now, If I was to do it over I'd go with the SS. Everyone I know who has switched are glad they did. Good luck with the USA GP 9 - Mine lasted less then a year with indoor use.When we called Malden about the warranty USA told us TS...So we sit it on the siding at shows( it LOOKS nice) and tell everyone who asks about it our experiance with them...We run mostly Hartland and some Aristo products now.
  4. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    I had aristo and it was fine howerver a few years of neglect and it curotered badly and will require a good bit of cleaning before I can reuse it.

    It is cheaper than others and very good track. Just clean it from time to time. I stored mine out side and had a lot of elbow grease in it.

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