A Little Disappointed Tonight.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Cannonball, Feb 25, 2007.


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    Maybe I should explain it better. I think you are confusing what I am saying with you your self being scamed, losing money or not getting what you bid on. In fact a lot of the items on E Bay, Theft Bay, are stolen goods. Not all, but a lot. :)

    Trust me I know as I see it and have put a few in jail for it. :)

    Thats not to say that there arent regular people out there doing there own thing legally. I just cant tell who is legit and who isnt. I choose to do business with none because of that and avoid the headache.

    The funny thing is I too got screwed but an E-tailer. Maybe you remember my thread. I got my money back and thats all that matters. :)

    By the way, your engines is on its way. :)
  2. CRed

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    I guess I just don't see that like you do,but I still think most people are honest sellers and I like using E-Bay for the most part so I'm not going to stop using it because there are some dishonest people using it.There's thieves everywhere,you can't completely get away from them on E-bay or the rest of the internet for that matter.

    Thanks,I am looking forward to getting the engine and will post pictures of it when I get the chance.I'm still not looking forward to installing those teenie weenie detail parts though!

  3. toptrain1

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    Beep Man don't worry. Pennsy and N&W meet in alot of places. A PRR Geep was a common sight . It will fit in.
  4. Renovo PPR

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    Ebay is in fact the largest source of stolen goods sold. Next may be the largest source of unreported income.

    Hey you should be proud to own anything PRR, that places you amoung the best people in the world. :)
  5. Cannonball

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    My wife is from Erie.
    She's a little miffed I'm sending it back. :oops: ;)

    The seller came through and is shipping the N&W to me tomorrow. I'll get the Pennsy/Tuscan returned to him as well. He really should cover the return shipping but I won't push the matter. If he offers, I'll take it but I'll just be happy to get my N&W on the tracks with the other one.

    I may get the wife an Erie Lackawana for her birthday. ;)

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    Glad you got it sorted out.
    Chris, its not that bad to install the parts. No glue is needed, all the parts just push in. :)
  7. CRed

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    Oh really?That's cool,but still....

    I got a message from the postman saying I had a package and I wasn't home,I wonder if that's it?

    Great news Cannonball,glad it worked out!


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    I bet that is it. Viper had the same thing happen to him. He had to go get it. :)

    Let me know she got there safe. :)
  9. cidchase

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  10. COMBAT

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    Cred, did you get your train????
  11. CRed

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    Not yet,I called this morning to have them re-deliver it.They normally do it on their own,but not this time.
  12. COMBAT

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    OK, Good to know. Please keep me posted! :)
  13. Cannonball

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    Update: Issue Resolved

    I got my N&W Beep today from the seller. Runs great and makes a good looking two engine consist with my first Beep. As a bonus, he threw in a $10 bill to cover the return shipping for the other engine even though he never promised to do so. Gotta give him a :thumb: for that.
  14. MarioBarb

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    Thought it would work out. ebay seems OK with model trains. The whole feedback concept really helps in making buying/selling decisions, so post feedback!! Its another story with buying cameras, full of scams!!! Hope you enjoy the trains!!Don't know what it is but there's a certain thrill in winning a bid, and then getting the parcel, opening it up, running for the first time etc. My wife just doesn't understand.....
  15. shaygetz

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    Yep...gotta Marklin 3022 Bavarian Railways E22 coming soon.... My wife is my best hobby partner:D

    Glad to hear all went well, CB:thumb:
  16. Cannonball

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    Fortunately my wife is pretty tollerent of my hobbies even if she doesn't always understand. Of course, it helps that I manage the money in the house so as long as the bills are paid and there's food on our table, she can't complain too much. ;)

    Probably a good thing since I just won an old Marx train set on eBay about 20 mintues ago. :D

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