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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Maico Shark, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

  2. Darth Windius

    Darth Windius Member

    Hello Maico Shark,

    Thanks for sharing!!!!:thumb:
  3. snake532

    snake532 New Member

    Great Site

    This is a fantastic site, i started got my first model off this site :mrgreen::mrgreen::thumb::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  4. cmdr199212

    cmdr199212 Member

    LOL, same here. My mom was poking around on the web, and she found this. Just look where I am now! :wink:
  5. bluehmstr

    bluehmstr Lurking Newbie

    There are some really well-crafted papercrafts at paper-replika.com. Lots of Star Wars stuff, some great models from "WALL-E" and other things. I'd be happy to pay money for any of them, I can't believe they're free.

    And there's a designer named "masayu-i" who posts his designs on his blog at masayu-i2.seesaa.net, but you have to poke around a bit. It's well worth it though; he has a very clean style, and his models are tiny, detailed replicas of ships, helicopters, public transport and construction vehicles. He also releases spaceships from the old "Star Blazers" anime, I'm actually working on one of the escort frigates right now. It's TINY.

    [edit] I should mention that some of his templates are only available for a limited time.
  6. bluehmstr

    bluehmstr Lurking Newbie

    While looking for the main starship Yamoto from the anime series I mentioned above, I came across this neat replica of the actual, infamous WWII Japanese battleship at www.geocities.jp/papercraft_etsutan/index.html. There are some other battleships and planes, too.
  7. Altair

    Altair New Member

    Thanks for the first link, really appreciate it!
  8. karsaeras

    karsaeras New Member

    All links are useful. Thanks for share them.
  9. owi

    owi New Member

  10. Popeman

    Popeman New Member

    Thanks for the great links! I can't believe so many great projects are free.
  11. FuKt

    FuKt New Member

    ya the internewts is chock full of free papercrafts now, i kno when i started years ago all i could find that was any gfood was a front mission 3 papercraft :) now i have gigs upon gigs of papercraft models

    thanks for sharing guys!
  12. Kizu

    Kizu New Member

    that site has the first models I ever built, most of them are pretty simple :mrgreen:
  13. montee916

    montee916 New Member

    Nice find!
  14. el Leon

    el Leon New Member

    Very good all your links
  15. kirkhere

    kirkhere New Member

    Whoa, that's nice. Thanks for sharing this one!
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