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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by alphanumeric, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. alphanumeric

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    well.. I spent just about over $100 on the wood. and after laying it down.. I am thinking this is just to big hehe.. I mean ya, bigger = better but I want it to look like an actual Along the wall layout of railroad lines.. not just the typical big peice of 4x8 layout..

    the demensions are listed on the picture.. but the lenght from the wall.. is 2feet 5inches.. I am thinking about cutting down the 7ft board on the right hand side to just 2ft and making it a switch yard, with coal and industry sidings.. or doing that idea to the middle main peice of wood.

    what kind of ideas can you throw my way guys?

  2. neilmunck

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    It looks good if you ask me. if you are worried about it taking up too much space then remember that when it is raised up to operating height it will look smaller because you can see underneath it and you can use the space under it to store things. My layout is nearly 5 feet off the ground and I have books, my fish tank, my stereo and CDs, all my MRR magazines and books and some models stored under it.

    It looks great.
  3. alphanumeric

    alphanumeric Member

    fish tank? cool.. do you got any pics of that setup? Id like to see how that looks

    now for a book shelf system.. I think I can manage to do something like that.. :p

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