A Ju-87 By Thomas Pliener

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    Please do not post direct links to model files, a link to the download page is fine. :thumb:
  2. OK, I didn't know. I figured since he states it's OK on the model I though I was inside the rules. No problem I just edited it to the link
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    No biggie - its just so that the site hosting the model gets some good traffic from people interested in card models rather than just having their bandwidth sucked up :)
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    Thanks for the find, Tim!
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    It may be interesting and not know to some of you, that Thomas had designed here the "planned" planes for the aircraft-carrier Graf Zeppelin, which was never completed.
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    I like this model very much and I wish there were a sharper, cleaner version available. It's interesting to note that Mr. Pleiner did indeed do a model of the planned aircraft carrier version of the JU-87, which was based on the JU-87D. This version was never completed in any form. But before that, the prototype, the JU-87C0, was built using the B version. Ten of these were built and delivered in April of 1939 and in fact took part in the Polish campaign. 170 of this type were on the assembly line and several completed when the plug was pulled on the project. But although most were converted back to B versions, at least one C was kept for testing in the event that the Graf Zeppelin project was ever reinstated.
    PS. Sure would like to see a nice 1:33 model of the JU-87A in Condor Legion colors!
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    That's interesting, I was wondering about the blue color...

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