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    ***** The Kitbashed Decapod *****
    Here is a locomotive that is made from my parts box. It actualy runs good. I took a tyco frame for a 2-8-0 that wasn't powered added a drive and a additional axel. Went to my parts box, stured it up and here is a new decapod ( 2-10-0 ) locomotive.
    The boiler is of a British desige. The sand dome is from a Tyco 2-8-0. The pilot is from a Backmann PRR K4, as is the cab. The tender is a Backmann. It has been modified for tender pickup. Bowser axels and wipers are added, also my own style of quick connect for the transfer of power from the tender to the motor is added. The drive is a modified Tyco 2-8-0, the smoke unit and excentrick is removed and a Tyco 0-4-0 gear added. The motor is from standard tyco steamer. The bell is Athearn. A new sand dome has been added. This has been cut out of a TYCO 2-8-0 boiler. The headlight is a Bowser/Selly. The boiler front is from a Model Power pacific.

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    Frank ... That is a very- very nice completed project. :thumb:
    I have just dumped all my spare parts into a box .... you should receive them in a few days ! :mrgreen:
    announce1I expect nothing less back within a reasonable time frame.
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    Sir FoldAlot

    You are a heck of a nice guy. Sending the box will not be necessary, for I will share my secret. Take the box and raise it up holding it in your left hand while you wave your magic wand back and forth accross the top of the box saying that powerfull spell HO-KUS-PO-KUS. then Wamo! you will then have a box full of parts to start your project with.
    Don't thank me ! It is not necessary ! Sharing is good for the sole.
    Good luck. Frank

    PS : Also if the little hammer doesn't work - Use the big hammer.
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    The Freedom Train

    A monster locomotive pulls the Freedom Train into Frankford station.

    PS just havin a little fun.

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    very good :) I like trains

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