A great source for 1.5 mm Paperboard

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    Most of the paper models I build require formers or spars laminated to heavier card, commonly 0.5 mm and 1 mm. For those parts, I can scrounge the backs of legal pads, gift boxes, heavy-duty mailing envelopes, and cereal boxes. I keep a foot locker filled with such finds.

    Occasionally, models like the GPM Leopold I'm building call for really heavy card of 1.5 mm thickness. For small parts, I can laminate that from thinner card. For the slab sides of the Leopold, that just won't work.

    The paper industry calls this stuff "chipboard" or "paperboard." Chipboard, that brownish-gray card, is exactly what you find on the backs of writing pads and other places.

    Blick Art Materials (http://www.dickblick.com/zz131/15/) sells 14-ply and 30-ply "All-Purpose Chipboard." The 14-ply is listed at 0.050" thick but the sample they sent me looks a little closer to 0.060" or 1.524 mm. The smooth, uncoated surface is as good as anything I've seen in chipboard. And the 14-ply sells for just 52 cents for a 28"x22" sheet and 95 cents or a 28"x44" sheet, plus shipping. Minimum order is 10 sheets.

    The 30-ply chipboard (about 3mm thick) costs about 2.5 times as much per sheet--still less than picture framing mat board--and comes in the same sizes. The 30-ply sample is nice and rigid with the same smooth finish. It might be ideal for model bases. I'm not sure what shipping will cost, but even if it doubles the price, this would still be a bargain.

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    You have headed them right!
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    I just ordered 10 sheets of 14-ply and 1 sheet of 30-ply. Shipping (Fedex Ground) came to $7.95. Parcel Post was an option and might have been cheaper.

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