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    of a model of one of my favourite prototype diesels, the MLW FPA-4, as built for the CNR. These units originally worked for the CNR in the green/gold/black passenger scheme, and later in the black & white zebra stripes, finally ending up in VIA blue. They were used mostly in the Windsor - Montreal corridor, and often ran at 90 mph, the speed at which they were designed to operate. When they were retired, many went on to second careers on tourist lines in the U.S., including the Napa Valley Wine Trains and the Grand Canyon Railway.
    My models are the old Model Power version of an FA-2, and have been altered to more accurately reflect the prototype. This included slicing off the rear portion of the roof, then turning it end-for-end and re-attaching it, to get the roof fan in the proper position. Most of the side panels behind the centre door have been replaced in order to add the new air intakes, all of which are built-up from styrene strips. The pilot area was reworked, and a completely new fuel tank was fabricated fron sheet styrene. The stainless steel grills over the air intakes are from Detail Associates, and the F-unit style number boards are by Details West, as is the (incorrect) EMD-style steam generator detail. The scratchbuilt icicle breakers are made from brass bar. Because I lettered mine for my free-lance EG&E, some of the details differ slightly from CNR practice. I decided to paint mine in the old CNR freight paint scheme, which better matches the heavyweight passenger cars that these units were built to pull. Both units were painted with Accupaint CN colours, and the striping is by Accucals, also from SMP Industries. Lettering is dry transfers, applied individually.







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    GOOD LORD MAN! How does the driver see where hes going?????? LOL :)
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    Hey, at that speed, you'd be past it before you saw it anyway! :D :D
    Funny, I never even noticed the glare on the windshield until you mentioned it. :rolleyes: At least you can't see if the crew is on board or not.;)


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    LOL, True :)
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    SUPERB JOB WAYNE!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: the detailing on those engines is OUTSTANDING!, AND THEY LOOK FLAWLESS:thumb:. :D -Deano
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    If we could gather them together, the preserved ex-CNR FPA4 (and FPB4) might be one of the largest classes. Looking down the list, there are a lot of cases where there are series of numbers still extant.
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    What a great looking diesel. Super job Wayne.
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    Wayne, this engine is awesome. I never thought that you could turn a Model Power engine into such a beauty. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    My thanks to all for taking the time to view these pictures and for posting your comments.
    Kurt, I've always liked the Model Power cab units (FA's, Sharks, and E-units) for their pulling power and smooth running qualities, especially considering the fairly low-quality can motors in them. A friend upgraded his CNR FA fleet with some pre-painted Proto2000 units, which are better detailed and look superb. He was disappointed, though, in their pulling power, so he opted to get a few more in order to handle his trains. (Picture 15-20 car passenger trains, on multiple main lines.) That made me the lucky recipient of a dozen or so Model Power FA's and FB's, all for my favourite price of zero. :thumb: I sold all of the CNR-versions, used three others to power dummy freight units that I already had, and two were used for these conversions. I still have another four of them left. Btw, the two shown here have been ballasted, the A-unit to 23 1/2 oz. and the B-unit to 26 oz., and are very effective in freight service.:D
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    Excellent work !!! Once again, you have set the mark for outstanding modeling. Thanks for sharing.

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    truly outstanding work. As Deano said they look flawless! and if that wasn't enough, they're great runners as well....Beauty and brawn at its best:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Excellent job...!!! You guys are making my steam-dyed heart begin to look favorably on those "infernal" combustion monsters...Hmmm.
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    Gorgeous details on those locos Wayne!
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    Once again, thanks to all for checking out the pictures, and for the kind remarks.


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