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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ILCEN, Feb 11, 2007.

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    I've got to say I like the Train masters :) :)
  3. luigi

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    Wow, that's a fantastic layout. I'm new to this and viewing beautiful layouts like that are a real inspiration, to get things going. I can't decide between HO or N scale,but after seeing yours. Hmmmm,really got me thnikin now.
  4. ILCEN

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  5. TruckLover

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    More cool pics :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  6. berraf

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    On the third picture the mountains are blue so I wonder how come?
    In my country, Sweden, I never have seen rocks with this color but that doesn't not mean that it could be found where you live. Please tell me more about this :)
    By the way, the Chessie locos looks great on that picture :thumb:

    How many locos do you have? It seems like they never ends... ;)
  7. Herc Driver

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    Man I love all those blue Santa Fe units lined up like that - great looking! Really a nice layout you've built ILCEN.
  8. ILCEN

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    I'm not sure about the color it's gray paint, 3 different shades.

    I have about 50 locos, probably half purchased this year. I think I've decided I like the GP7's the most. The Chessie and Santa Fe's are my two favorite roads. I generally run 5 trains at time and switch them up every once in awhile.
  9. Petervan

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    It looks great

    sign1 :wave: Wow that is a lot of detail. I like the deffrant level of track that is going throurgh the mountains. the lighting of the towns are quite good. How long have you been working the railroad? I have started a layout 2 years ago after not modeling for 20 years. I like what you have done to yours.
  10. ILCEN

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    Thanks for the comments.

    I got about 4 years worth of work into it. I generally try to pick a few projects a year, as well as, try to improve whatever area stands out to me as needing work.

    Look forward to seeing some photos of your layout.
  11. ILCEN

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    Awesome "Ilcen" :)
    The fifth new photo looks so great.
    Imagine what a backdrop would do :wave:
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  14. ILCEN

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    I took a few more pictures with the camera on the layout instead of using a tripod.




  15. Will_annand

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    Amazing layout Ilcen.. Wel done indeed.
  16. ILCEN

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    Thanks Will.

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