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  1. Hello Fellow Paper and Card Modelers,

    I was a member a few years ago but was not particularly active in the forums and just lurked about. With some changes to address and emails, etc, I have come back and I am coming back like a storm.
    I am a life long fanatic of miniature wargaming... well gaming in all it's forms... and art, including papercraft. I love creating terrain pieces but my interests expanded to building vehicles for my gaming interests such as Warhammer 40K, WW I aircraft, Ogre, Car Wars and so on.
    I also create costume props from paper including armour.
    I hope to learn as well as contribute to this community. I am already adept at construction of models that I have downloaded in past but what I aspire to do is begin to create patterns for models so any advice for software programs (preferably freeware) or techniques that can get me started I would be grateful.
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    The Forum went through a change too. So you're not alone! Nice to meet you and have you in this forum. You probably found the WarHammer40K section. The threads have loads of models and links in them, check out particular ARMORMAN's 40K thread. Make sure you check out the Rules and Policies, mostly common sense stuff, but there have been a few changes. :)
  3. Thank-you for the warm welcome. I like to read and I tend toward abiding by the rules. I am already building a rapport with ARMORMAN on another forum so I am glad to learn he is also here. I will be checking out the 40K stuff as well as many, many other things. I have a love of tall ships, too as well as things made of steam.
    Right now though I am suddenly obsessed with Judge Dredd and I think I shall begin a thread... ;)

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