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    thanks for the replays
    the grain is shipped to egypt from acountry that i donot know i think its from america then it reachs to the alexandria international port then loaded to the grain cars then attached to the loco in the pic (notice its really agreat powerful loco that can pull about 30 full grain cars with aspeed of 120km)
    then the grain train reach TANTA central yard about 60km from my city and waits the call to duty to come to my city then converted to the industrial line to unload the loads in the cars.
    the process of unloading the cars takes about 10 hours
    i will try to attach another pic for me while i were in theh cab of this great loco with afriend for me called khaled (this guy who allow me to get in the cab of the loco also its rare to allow me to drive it :lol:
    im is the guy who stand in the door and khaled appears from the window
    sorry for the bad quality of the pic
    mohamed :D

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    A great photo mohamed. It looks fine to me. Thanks for providing all the information.
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    Guess this is why I chose Herc Driver.

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    A neat photo HD. A real good choice for a name
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    Great shots guys! Welcome aboard. :wave:

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    Great photo Herc, do the other guys let you wear your striped bibs and cap in the cockpit? Good thing UP doesn't own airplanes..eh? Flying banana squadron comes to mind.

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    No, I gotta wear the desert flight suit when flying over there...something about regulations and safety in a combat zone (personnally, I think overalls and body armour go well together and the hat would keep the sun outta my eyes and would fit under my helmet)...and they don't quite understand why something like an engine with so much power doesn't have wings to allow it to fly. Mostly they just nod quietly and say "trains...interesting..." then walk away. No matter, me and the kids like them and that's all that counts.
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    Here is an updated one of me :) From The PA Railroad Museum (Taken by James Alexander Jr.).. Here I am working (???) at the G gauge 100 ft layout, having the "Enginneer" couple an engine to a car... :)

    This is the layout, I helped design & build :) :) I "hide there" on Saturdays in the wintertime :) :)

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    Uh, who's that big guy behind you?:D:D:D:D (whisper, whisper), Oh, sorry...:oops::oops::oops::oops:
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    I was thinking like Don but I guess that is you Mikey EH! behing the little guy?
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    Yup - that's me with that Dumb look :) :)

    But it's the only face I have :D :D :D
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    Was searching for posts of Robin's work and came across this thread,(which took me the afternoon to look through!) Nice to put faces to names. Definately weird, the prevalence of facial hair, and thats just the women! =] Just kidding, Really nice to see everyone on here, this is a recent one of me(facial hair included) at the Portola Railroad museum where i got to drive a GP9 fun stuff!

    Cory in Turlock, CA

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    That has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen! My fiance the camerwoman thought it was funny too! Thats great...

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    Just saw your post and wanted to say hi neighbor!

    Doc in Modesto, CA
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    Here is me and a couple of my other hobbies/money pits:


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