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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by N Gauger, May 4, 2006.

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    Mikey,I know area where railfans spend the weekends including napping in their cars at night and the cops just shake their heads and drive on.sign1 Of course these areas are well known "train buffs" hang outs.:D Of course the danger is minimal because somebody is always awake and watching trains...I have spent the night at Crestline years ago when Crestline was a true hot spot and there was a 24 hour restaurant at the YMCA which also served as a CR crew rest facility.:thumb: CR averaged 60-80 trains between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. plus 4 Amtrak trains.:thumb: You would usually find 12-20 railfans there on the weekends including the 3-5 'weekenders" that was spending the weekend there.These guys would cat nap in their cars.sign1 The most popular overnighters by the locals was Friday night.
    Odd isn't it how complete strangers can talk for hours about trains and the hobby? :D
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    Yeah :) From what I heard - that place my friend knows of in MD is like that :) you just sit & talk until the next train comes in and then you make notes and/or take pics :)
    really a neat thing...

    Too Cool!! :)
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    I just saw a story this morning on the Sunday Morning Show about Folkston GA where the so called Folkston Funnel is a railfan haven...with some 70 trains a day. The town even built a shelter by the tracks for fans to watch trains and take pictures.
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    No, you don't have to run!
    I just got home, and there was a PM waiting for me, reminding me that I am, after all human, and occasionally "react".
    I want to make it clear that my reaction was not to anyone who posted, but rather, to the way my government handled 911. I passionately believe in individual freedom. I put myself in harm's way to protect that freedom, only to have it stolen from me, and all those who now, no longer have it.
    My appologies to Mikey, you started the thread, with no intention of causing a nuclear detonation. My appologies to all who have responded to the thread, I never intended for you to feel like the target.
    I thought it over for quite some time, and decided that I will leave my post as is. I believe it is important for all who may see it to understand. Far too many good Americans rest, uneasily now, in foreign graves, having given their lives that freedom would never die.
    Whenever I am reminded of 911, and where it has taken us, my heart cries out for those who now, apparently, have given their lives in vain. I think it was Ben Franklin who said, and I'm paraphrasing his words, "a people who would trade freedom, for security, deserve niether".
    Attack?, no. My rant, my words, my emotion, were but the reaction of an anguished heart, crying ouch, when reminded of the treachery of my government, so cleverly disguised as "protecting the people".
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    They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security ~ Benjamin Franklin

    Interesting that you would react that way, (in the original post) then post this reply to say that you apologize......

    None needed, my friend....... :) I posted this as a "Discussion" a free soap box for all (Created equal) :)

    "Our " government had and still has issues, like you said - you can still hit what you shoot :) By "voting" The one main freedom we al have - but so few truly take seriously :(

    The fallen you speak of - have not died in vain... they died at a time and a place when their work was needed - when they were serving their country under whatever president and generals ran the show at any given "War to end all wars"

    Each - in his or her own way, did something that helped the cause - whenever that was.....

    But ALL of them had one thing in common... They were all in some sort of uniform, with a patch on it somewhere - - with a red, white & blue motiff :) The "Real Stars & Bars" - The Flag!!! Each deserves to rest in peace, each and every one..... a hero.....

    As far as the "subject at hand" -- Whatever freedoms we lost - are insignificant, it could be far worse here :( But America is still Free :)
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    This is a very delicate issue, for me at least. "Racial Profiling" makes me nervous. If cavalierly allowed, it can lead down a very slippery slope. On the other hand, however, is reality. Little old gray haired grannies are not likely to hijack an airplane or bomb a subway station. :rolleyes: Are we heading towards the internment camps that held the Japanese in WWII (and which cause us so much shame today)? :cry: My sincere apologies to the vast majority of peaceful, America loving (or at least not America hating), patriotic Muslims out there, but if you leave your turban at home, you will probably seem less suspicious. :( :(

    On the other hand, there are plenty of "home grown" terrorists and kooks out there. The McVeigh's, the Nichols and the Kaczynski's are not in short supply. :curse: :curse: Did they ever find out who unbolted the rails and ran a jumper wire between them so that the sensors wouldn't pick it up that caused a major derailment in Arizona several years ago?

    Several have suggested ways that would make us seem less suspicious while railfanning. But if I were an intelligent terrorist, wouldn't I try to do the same kind of things. It really doesn't matter how many pictures of layouts you carry. Even if they go home with you and see it for themselves, it isn't proof of innocence. :( :( If a person went into a bank and started taking pictures of the security cameras, the teller windows and the vault, someone might get the idea that they were up to no good. An excuse that they were building a model bank and wanted reference pictures to make it authentic probably wouldn't hold water. An extreme example, but you see my point.

    So what do we do? Keep our freedom's and hope that we or our loved ones aren't on the plane, train or bus, or in the subway station or skyscraper that will be the next target? Or do we give in to out fears and suspect everyone who doesn't look right or who is doing something that might seem suspicious? The sad truth is that there are people out there who, for one reason or another, wish to see this country and it's citizens hurt. These are difficult times, and it seems as though we must choose between a FREE America or a (relatively) SAFE America. And regardless which we do choose, is it still REALLY America?

    OK, so much for my venting. peasoup

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