A Day on the South Shore!

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    My friend Greg sent me this email, I was happy to hear from Greg as it`s been a while since we made contact. :)

    I asked him If I could post his "day out" he said sure, so we can all enjoy "A Day on the South Shore!"

    Here is Greg. :cool:

    Hey guys!

    I decided to do a bit of railfanning this past Wednesday, and took the South Shore to Michigan City. It seemed evident that the trains both going to and coming back from Michigan City had already gone through their rehab, including being converted to AC propulsion. They really had a fast pickup and were extremely smooth riding. They sounded different as well. It really is so neat that one can still experience actual street running, down 11th Street in Michigan City, just like the long gone days of the North Shore (which I do have fond memories of!!!). Unfortunately, the end to that is within sight, as the CSS&SB plans to relocate their tracks. However, until then, it is still there to enjoy. I couldn't help but to be amused at the fact that, if a driver, who was not familar with the CSS&SB, was driving down the street, and stopped for a light and just happened to look in the rear view mirror and saw this train approaching, I bet they'd freak out! Coming back, we were a two-car train until Gary, where another two cars were coupled on for the trip to Chicago. It's also great to see that the Beverly Shores station is functioning as a station again, since I remember how derelict it had become through years of nonuse and neglect.

    And, since some of you know that I was in the rather well known South Shore crash in Gary a number of years ago, just to set your minds at ease, I did not freak out when we came to the infamous bridge, upon which it all happened, however, I was certainly quite aware that we were there and, of course, my thoughts turned to the events of that day, and to the seven who lost their lives. I will never forget.

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    And a couple of more shots from Greg.
    Thanks a bunch.

    Former CSS&SB Michigan City station

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    now they are nice cars - have them on a DVD about street running and they dont half look impressive!

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