A Dash Trio and another mystery Machine

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  1. More pictures from the old man : ) He found a nice set of dash nines idling on a day trip, and then a very odd looking vehicle.. a small switcher perhaps?

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  2. (cont)

    a closer view of his favorite.. which happens to share a remarkable likeness to a Kato humming in the basement.

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  3. (cont2)

    from the rear

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  4. and the mystery?

    Perhaps a maintenance vehicle? or a small yard switcher?
  5. an image helps: lol

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  6. tomfassett

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    The mystery machine is called a Railcar Mover. My guess is that it is a RailKing. There are a number of manufacturers of these little spuds--RailKing, TrackMobile, Shuttlewagon, Marmon, etc... I have a few pics of the things on my web site here:
    Railcar movers are actually quite powerful. I have seen one move 20 loaded grain hoppers. They are small and light, but use the weight of the car they are coupled with to add to their tractive effort by using a mechanism that actually lifts the car a bit (thereby transferring some of the weight of the car to its own wheels). They are mostly used by industries but I have seen a couple in class 1 yards used for shop duty.

    Tom F
  7. Thanks for the info, and the link! Let me know if you'd like a high-res scan to add to your website of the one he found.

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